Apex Legends Valkyrie: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips And Lore

Apex Legends Valkyrie: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips And Lore
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5th Oct 2021 21:42

Apex Legends Valkyrie may be one of the game’s latest additions, but she’s already made her mark on the great arena. Perhaps the greatest character in Apex Legends for vertical fluidity, her jetpack makes her an incredibly agile character, all while keeping it cocky and dishing out some serious damage. Here’s our guide to mastering the Apex Legends Valkyrie abilities, ultimate, and more.

Apex Legends Valkyrie Abilities

Apex Legends Valkyrie Guide
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Valk’s easiest ability to recognise is, of course, her VTOL Jets. The jetpack on her back has limited use, but it’s a fast-charge ability with endless possibilities, perfect for clambering tall buildings or escaping fire. Plus, Valkyrie can identify foes when dropping for an easier way to clock your enemies.

Her tactical ability, the Missile Swarm, maps out a row of disorienting rockets that fire into the ground your enemies walk on, dishing out damage and slowing them to a crawl.

Apex Legends Valkyrie Ultimate

Valkyrie’s ultimate ability is the perfect rotation tool - her Skyward Dive allows you to soar into the air with your teammates in tow, practically re-launching from your current position. Need to get across the map in a pinch or get out of the way of the ring? This is the best way to do it.

Apex Legends Valkyrie Tips

Apex Legends Valkyrie Guide
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Though it will cannibalise a lot of your jet fuel and make a bit of noise, if you ever find yourself in need of quick cover, jumping and then ever so slightly feathering the jump button again will activate your jets and give you a little speed boost. It might be worth hanging onto this for a last resort, but if you’re in a bit of a pickle, you can use your jets to keep your movement speed up. Plus, if your timing is good enough, you can also use the VTOL Jets to cancel the stun you receive when falling from a great height.

Valk’s jetpack is great for reaching big heights, but if you’re flying straight up in the middle of nowhere, you’re going to get lasered pretty quickly. It’s best to consider her jetpack as an extended jump ability, and to use it to break line of sight with foes as soon as possible. Clamber onto rooves, skate behind a rock, whatever you have to do - just get out of the way.

Valkyrie’s tactical ability isn’t as good at finishing off foes, but it’s best at stunning them. Send a grenade in the direction of your enemies along with the missile strike, and they’ll have much less of a chance of getting out of the way of its blast. 

Apex Legends Valkyrie Lore

Apex Legends Valkyrie Guide
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Daughter to her father codenamed Viper (who you might recognise from the Titanfall series), Kairi Imahara always wanted to be like her pa. After he never returned from a mission, she receded to a lonely life smuggling cargo by day and drinking her grief away with strangers and mercs by night. But, it was never enough, and she still wanted revenge on the only person who could have kept her father from making the return trip - his commander, Kuben Blisk.

Getting close enough to Blisk to kill him and stealing his Apex card, Kairi decided this was enough to honour her father’s memory. Building herself an impressive new jetpack, she’s now ready to take on the arena after having found her own legacy.

That’s all you need to know about Valk to take her to the arena - have fun, and don’t forget your seatbelt. 


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