Apex Legends Storm Point: New Map Overview

Apex Legends Storm Point: New Map Overview
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26th Oct 2021 14:55

Apex Legends Storm Point is the new battle royale map set to release with Apex Legends Season 11: Escape. It’s been over a year since Olympus was first introduced and Apex Legends fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of a new map experience, so here’s everything you need to know about the sun-soaked island retreat of Apex Legends Storm Point.

Apex Legends Storm Point: Release Date

Apex Legends’ fourth battle royale map will become available at the start of Apex Legends Season 11: Escape. Set for release on November 2, Storm Point will be accompanied by a new legend — Apex Legends Ash — and a new gun, the C.A.R. SMG.

Apex Legends Storm Point: Points Of Interest

Apex Legends Storm Point map
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Storm Point will be Apex Legends’ largest map ever. The developers report that Storm Point is 15% bigger than World’s Edge. Featuring 17 different points of interest (POIs) in total, Storm Point has a wide variety of locales for Apex Legends tourists to visit.

The 17 named locations encompassing the island of Storm Point are:

  • Barometer
  • Command Center
  • The Antenna
  • Checkpoint
  • Lightning Rod
  • Storm Catcher
  • North Pad
  • The Mill
  • Shipfall
  • Cenote Cave
  • The Wall
  • High Point
  • Thunder Watch
  • Cascade Falls
  • Launch Site
  • Fish Farms
  • Gale Station

In addition to these 17 full-fledged POIs, Storm Point will feature smaller looting locations called Spill-off Camps. Spill-off Camps are great options for players that want to avoid the densely crowded named locations.

Apex Legends Storm Point: Wildlife

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Storm Point is sprawling with all sorts of interesting wildlife. But keep in mind, the wildlife on Storm Point are vicious and will defend their territory against all players that venture too far in.

Spread out around Storm Point are Wildlife Nests. These areas are reserved for the island’s assorted wildlife. Players can enter a Wildlife Nest to begin a PvE encounter. Successful completion of a Wildlife Nest will grant players various rewards.

Each form of wildlife on Storm Point offers different combat challenges and will require different strategies to defeat them.


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Prowlers are not new to Apex Legends as a whole. Anyone that has participated in The Broken Ghost Season Quest or tracked down the Apex Legends White Raven locations should have some experience with Prowlers. However, this is the first time Prowlers will be a part of the main battle royale game.

Players will spot Storm Point’s Prowlers patrolling their Prowler Dens. Venturing too deep into a Prowler Den will force the Prowlers to defend their territory. And Prowlers do not hunt alone — be ready to fight off packs of these savage beasts.


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Storm Point’s tropical climate is the perfect breeding ground for the horrifying critters that inhabit it — like spiders. Scattered around the island are spider eggs just waiting to hatch. Dealing damage to these eggs will unleash the arachnids within them. These aren’t your normal spiders either. Storm Point’s spiders will attack players from afar with potent web-spitting capabilities. While not as tanky as Prowlers, spiders are fast and can reposition quickly.


Just like the Flyers that inhabit Kings Canyon, Storm Points’ Flyers soar around the map, stopping to perch on the rocks and mountaintops above. Damaging a Flyer will cause it to drop loot that players can then collect.

Wildlife Nests

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Wildlife Nests are marked on the map with red markers. These nests appear in the same locations each match with little variation. Wildlife will never wander outside of their nests, so players have a choice on whether they want to engage with these creatures or not. Players that are willing to clear out Wildlife Nests will be awarded for their efforts.

The rewards Apex Legends players earn for defeating Storm Point’s wildlife are as follows: 

  • Smart Loot Drops
  • EVO Points
  • Crafting Materials
  • Crafting is a major feature of Storm Point. Learn everything there is to know about Apex Legends Crafting.

Apex Legends Storm Point: Gravity Cannons

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Storm Point features a new way for players to traverse the harsh island landscape. Instead of redeploy balloons, Storm Point is covered in Gravity Cannons that will launch players from point to point. Think the Man Cannons from the Halo series. Players flying through the air will have complete control of their weapons, grenades, tactical abilities, and ultimates, as well as the ability to slightly alter their projected path.

According to Respawn, Storm Point has been designed with the casual and competitive player in mind. The map is a culmination of two years of design work, using everything they’ve learned from their experience working on Apex Legends so far. Storm Point is designed around handling bad third-party encounters, bettering loot flow, and creating interesting combat engagements.

That sums up our overview of Apex Legends Storm Point. Stay tuned here at GGRecon for Apex Legends news, guides, features, and more.


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