Apex Legends Revenant: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips And Lore

Apex Legends Revenant: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips And Lore
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Apex Legends Revenant is a ruthless killer, designed for those who show no mercy in the arena. His abilities make him the ultimate hunter, and a silent killer that can be just as ruthless as he is sneaky. This Apex Legends assassin can, however, be a little tricky to master - so how exactly do you do it? Here’s our guide to making Apex Legends Revenant your next main.

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Apex Legends Revenant Abilities

Revenant’s tactical ability is perfect for making your opponents feel helpless. The Silence ability allows you to throw a device that leaves a lingering cloud and disables enemy tactical, ultimate and passive abilities.

His Stalker passive ability is also particularly handy, allowing him to climb more than six times as high as his teammates, and his crouch is equally as fast as his walking speed.

Apex Legends Revenant Ultimate

Apex Legends Revenant Guide
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Revenant’s ultimate makes rushing the enemy a cakewalk - his Death Totem allows him to plant a device that gives Revenant and his teammates a 25-second period of being able to cheat death. You can rush foes and if you’re ‘killed’, you’ll instead reappear at the totem with 50 health. It’s a risky manoeuvre, but it can easily be an effective one.

Apex Legends Revenant Tips

Apex Legends Revenant Guide
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While Revenant is incredibly useful in big, loud, aggressive pushes, he often isn’t as well utilised as he could be when it comes to stealth. His footsteps are slightly quieter than his teammates’, and his vastly increased crouch walking speed makes him perfect for getting the drop on foes. If you’ve got a chance to take on the enemy quietly as Revenant, it could be your best chance of taking out isolated baddies.

When it comes to using Rev’s Death Totem, it’s especially useful to make sure that your team comp is designed to compliment it. If you’re playing with an Octane or a Pathfinder, you can use their ultimate abilities in tandem with yours to cross some wide gaps with your totem on one end without wasting your time with needless traversal. You haven’t got long to use its effects, after all.

Plus, similarly to the ults of Octane and Caustic, Revenant’s abilities can be used to very effectively block doorways. His tactical ability has two uses, and as it has practically the same throw distance and curvature as the thermite grenade, throw both at the same time for an incredibly effective way to keep your foes stuck indoors, unable to rotate.

Apex Legends Revenant Lore

Apex Legends Revenant Guide
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Once upon a time, Revenant was human - and the very best hitman known to the Mercenary Syndicate. As he finally expired, he found himself brought back as a simulacrum, forced back to this mortal coil by the twisted scientists at Hammond Robotics to kill once again.

After realising exactly what he’d become, he set out to eradicate Hammond labs for good, and he was successful - for a while.

When the Apex Games saw their grand return, Revenant joined them to ensure he could wipe Hammond off the map for good this time. Cheery!

That’s everything you need to know about the synthetic nightmare - take to the arena and take no prisoners.

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