What The Apex Legends Ranked Split Means

What The Apex Legends Ranked Split Means

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22nd Jul 2020 16:25

Apex Legends Ranked mode is the competitive mode offered by Respawn for those players looking to really dig their teeth into competitive Apex. Spanning all the way from the entry tier of Bronze, to the top ranking (and seventh tier) of Apex Predator, Ranked mode groups together ‘similarly skilled players’ to compete for Ranked Points to climb the ladder. Ranked Points (or RP) can be accrued by eliminations, placement, and ultimately winning the match and becoming the Apex Champion. These points will also be subject to multipliers.

It is possible to come away from matches with minus points and leaving matches early (before your Respawn Banner times out) will incur a penalty, of several minutes where they are unable to play again. Don’t worry if your teammate leaves though, as loss forgiveness is in place for these scenarios.

Apex Legends Ranked
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Ranked Tiers

Each Apex Legends Ranked tier also includes 4 levels to complete, and RP will be deducted per match (as an entry fee) with the cost rising as you work your way through the tiers.

The RP costs for each tier are as follows:

Bronze matches: free

Silver matches: 12RP

Gold matches: 24RP

Platinum matches: 36RP

Diamond matches: 48RP

Master matches: 60RP

Apex Predator matches: 60RP

Apex Legends Ranked
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Why does the Apex Legends Ranked split happen?

Any one Apex Legends Ranked season is divided into two splits, to seemingly incentivise players to come back and work their way back to their previous rank, before the split happens. Keeping Apex competitive is Respawn’s biggest concern, and the Ranked split hopes to keep players motivated to keep grinding to Pred.

When does the Apex Legends Ranked split happen?

The Kings Canyon map was the first location of Apex Legends Ranked mode in Season 5, beginning on May 12. Now, as of June 23, the newer (and larger) Worlds Edge map is the place to play.

What happens to your rank?

Your rank will decrease slightly in what is called a “soft reset” and drop by 1.5 tiers. For example, finishing the first split in Gold II will mean you begin split two in Silver IV.

Will this affect my rewards at the end of the season?

Yes and no. The cosmetics earned by playing Ranked (and achieving the tier you end on) include Badges, Weapon Charms and Dive Trails. Achieving the same rank in both splits will also earn you an exclusive animated badge.


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