Apex Legends Newcastle: Abilities, Ultimate, And Lore

Apex Legends Newcastle:  Abilities, Ultimate, And Lore
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16th May 2022 11:05

Apex Legends Newcastle has made his long-anticipated debut in the game alongside the launch of Season 13. Apex Legends brings a new Legend into the game every season, and Newcastle is the newest and one of the most interesting additions to the roster. Want to know more about this mysterious legend? Let's dive into Apex Legends Newcastle's abilities, Ultimate, and his lore.

Apex Legends Newcastle: Abilities

Apex Legends Newcastle: Abilities
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Like all of the legends that came before him, Newcastle features a Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate ability. Newcastle's abilities are as follows:

  • Passive: Retrieve The Wounded – Drag downed allies as you revive and protect them with your Revive Shield.
  • Tactical: Mobile Shield – Throw a controllable drone that creates a moving energy shield.
  • Ultimate: Castle Wall – Leap and slam to a target ally or area and create a fortified stronghold.

Retrieve The Wounded makes Newcastle an excellent team player when allies are down, as he can drag them out of the fray and keep them both protected with his shield as he revives his teammate. 

Newcastle's Mobile Shield resembles Apex Legends Lifeline's Combat Revive Shield of old. When used, Newcastle will deploy a substantially sized energy shield. The shield only covers a small area, but Newcastle has the option to direct where it faces. This means that Newcastle can adapt the shield's direction as needed in battle.

Apex Legends Newcastle: Ultimate

Apex Legends Newcastle: Ultimate
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Newcastle's Ultimate ability — Castle Wall — is like Apex Legends Rampart's cover walls on steroids. When activated, Newcastle gains the ability to leap a great distance in any direction. Upon landing, Newcastle deploys a massive shield wall with a ton of health. This wall ranges in height, so some spots offer full protection while other parts are waist-high, allowing you to fire off shots from behind the barrier.

The initial leap of his Ultimate ability can be used in multiple ways. It can be useful for crossing large gaps, for dropping the shield near teammates who are far away or landing right on top of unsuspecting enemies.


Apex Legends Newcastle: Tips

Apex Legends Newcastle: Tips
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Newcastle is very much a defensive character. His kit is entirely focused on keeping himself and his teammates alive. Newcastle is ideal for people who like to play tank characters, and people who enjoy support roles. Between his abilities, he has a lot of up-time with shields and players should definitely take advantage of that. Stick close to your teammates and you should all succeed together.

As such a defensive character, Newcastle is best suited on the frontline. Using his shields and his passive reviving ability keeps Newcastle in the fray, so he is best paired with close-range weapons. Shotguns, SMGs, anything that works at short range is where Newcastle works best.

Apex Legends Newcastle: Lore

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Remember the Forge incident back in Season 4? When Apex Legends Revenant assassinated the individual next up in the Apex Games? Well, Newcastle was the runner-up to gain entry. He missed the mark back then, but now is his chance at redemption.

In a surprise twist, Newcastle is Apex Legends Bangalore's brother, Jackson. The Apex Legends Prologue and Apex Legends Scout of Action quests from the Bangalore Chronicle take us through the story of Bangalore before the Apex Games. Bangalore thinks her brother is dead — but as we can see in the Apex Legends Saviours Launch Trailer, that is not the case.

With Jackson presumed dead, Bangalore had no reason to continue her participation in the Apex Games. With a lot of questions and doubts in her mind, she may feel compelled to continue.

That is a wrap on all things Newcastle, but did you know that Apex Legends is coming to even more platforms with Apex Legends Mobile soon getting its worldwide release.


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