Apex Legends Mobile: Cross-Platform Support

Apex Legends Mobile: Cross-Platform Support
Respawn Entertainment

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Katie Memmott


18th May 2022 12:00

Apex Legends Mobile cross-platform play is a question that many fans have been asking all the way up to the game's release. Apex Legends Mobile takes the iconic battle royale and puts it in the palm of your hand, because that's where your phone goes. While the mobile version brings every part of the main game it can to the mobile platform, it does not bring over every single feature. So the question remains, does Apex Legends Mobile have cross-platform support?

Apex Legends Mobile Cross-Platform: Crossplay

Will Apex Legends Mobile Be Cross-Platform?
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Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has actually confirmed that cross-platform play won’t be introduced with the launch of Apex Legends Mobile.

Director Chad Grenier took to the official Apex Legends site to announce that “because Apex Legends Mobile is being built specifically for mobile, it won’t feature cross-play with the console or PC versions of Apex Legends.”  

While this may be good news for some who were worried about playing with those on PC or console (who have a natural advantage over those only using a touchscreen), people who want to play with their friends on other platforms might be unhappy.

Apex Legends Mobile Cross-Platform: Cross-Progression


Apex Legends Mobile Cross-platform
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Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile works mostly in the same ways as the main game. It has similar progression systems, seasons and battle passes. However, These things are all separate from the main game and unique to Apex Legends Mobile. As it stands, there is no parity between the two versions of the game.

Apex Legends Mobile has a totally different system by which players unlock things, for example, many Legends can be unlocked through progress rather than having to purchase them. Respawn Entertainment are treating Apex Legends Mobile as a different game with different systems, so it is unlikely we will see cross-progression become a thing here.

That is everything we know about cross-platform support of Apex Legends Mobile so far, should anything change we will be back with updates. For more on the unique features of the game, check out our guide to the game's exclusive Legend, Apex Legends Fade.


Katie is the former Sub Editor and Freelancer Coordinator at GGRecon.

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