Apex Legends Mad Maggie: Abilities, Ultimate, And Lore

Apex Legends Mad Maggie: Abilities, Ultimate, And Lore
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Tarran Stockton


8th Feb 2022 11:04

Apex Legends' Mad Maggie is the latest character to hit the free-to-play battle royale, and players will soon be able to experience the warlord of wanton destruction. Apex Legends has seen a slew of varied Legends join the fray, and with Season 12, Mad Maggie joins in along with some changes to the map rotation and a new mode. We finally have a glimpse at her capabilities on the battlefield, so here's our rundown of Apex Legends' Mad Maggie, including her abilities, ultimate, and lore. 

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Apex Legends Mad Maggie: Abilities 

Coming as part of Apex Legends Season 12, the first key part of Mad Maggie's kit is her passive, Warlord's Ire. This comes with a tracking ability that lets you see enemies that you have damaged through walls, and a passive speed boost when equipped with a shotgun to allow you to quickly close the distance. 

Her tactical ability is the Riot Drill, which Maggie fires from a pistol and attaches to cover (including physical cover in the environment and even Gibby's shield!) burning enemies on the opposite side. This looks to be a great tool to flush enemies out and force them out of cover where you can take them down. 

Apex Legends Mad Maggie: Ultimate 

Apex Legends Mad Maggie ultimate
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Mad Maggie also channels her inner Miley with her ultimate ability - Wrecking Ball - which lets you throw a giant ball that bounces around, damaging enemies and leaving speed boosters in its wake. Inside of small spaces it can wreak havoc, and paired with Maggie's passive speed boost, it lets you rampage around insanely quickly. 

Apex Legends Mad Maggie: Lore

We also have some information about Mad Maggie's lore, and the developers appear to have put a lot of effort into richly displaying her Maori heritage. Sam Gill - the narrative lead on Apex - elaborated a little on the design process of her character, stating, "It was really important that we work with a consultancy with genuine Maoris to make sure she's as authentic as possible, that she is someone that can be aspirational in her own way."


In the game's universe, Maggie is a freedom fighter that is seen as a hero to her people, but the Syndicate see her as no more than a terrorist, which is why she has been thrown into the Apex Games.  

Apex Legends Mad Maggie: Release Date


Mad Maggie will join the Apex Legends line-up when Season 12 launches on February 8. Subtitled Defiance, it's set to see the launch of the all-new PvP Apex Legends Control mode which sees teams of nine battle it out. This season will also signal the three-year anniversary of Apex, so expect some cool shop items and goodies for the community. 

That's all for our rundown of Apex Legends' Mad Maggie, and now you know all her abilities and ultimate, along with some basic lore on her character, and when she is set to join the fray.

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