Apex Legends Horizon: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips and Lore

Apex Legends Horizon: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips and Lore
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29th Sep 2021 16:47

Apex Legends Horizon was a surprise to many by dropping a new degree of agility onto a game that already operates at an incredibly fast pace. Her gravity-themed abilities make her something of a wildcard, and while she dominated Apex Legends meta upon her release, she takes a little more skill to master now. But how exactly do you do master Apex Legends Horizon?


Apex Legends Horizon Abilities

Apex Legends Horizon Guide
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Horizon’s ability help her to boost her manoeuvrability in a big way. Her tactical ability is her Gravity Lift, a device that reverses gravity entirely and fired players upwards, spitting them out forwards at the top. Perfect for claiming the vertical advantage and avoiding fire.

Her passive ability makes this much easier, too - Spacewalk lets Horizon have more control of her movement in the air, and she can run away after landing much faster than her teammates.

Apex Legends Horizon Ultimate

The Black Hole ultimate ability is one of the very best in Horizon’s arsenal - she deploys N.E.W.T to hoover up nearby enemies, pulling them towards it, making them incredibly vulnerable to gunfire. It’s practically Zarya from Overwatch’s ultimate, except it can be destroyed by gunfire.

Apex Legends Horizon Tips

Apex Legends Horizon Guide
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Despite a long list of nerfs that Horizon has experienced, there’s still one ability that can easily be abused - her Spacewalk passive. Learning to use her increased manoeuvrability is crucial to maximising your effectiveness, and making sure you know exactly where to go after landing from a big fall, you’ll be best prepared to dish out some damage. So much focus on legend tactical and ultimate abilities is wasted for so many players - don’t let Horizon be the same.

Many use Horizon’s Black Hole far too late in firefights for them to be useful. While you might be reluctant to deploy it as it has a long recharge time, the Black Hole is a great way to open a fight, and following it up with a grenade waiting for your foes in the middle is a cracking way to get the edge on even a full squad.

Horizon’s Gravity Lift could leave you incredibly vulnerable to fire, so be sure to learn how to effectively strafe while on the rise. Circle the center of the lift to avoid some pretty savage gunfire, and you’ll thank yourself later.

Apex Legends Horizon Lore

Apex Legends Horizon Guide
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Hired to find a solution to the deeply troubling energy crisis that plagued the Outlands, Dr Mary Somers moved her family to Olympus’ scientific research station. Working alongside her apprentice Dr Reid, she discovered Branthium, an element thought to create limitless energy, but that could only be found on the outskirts of a black hole. So naturally, they set off to find it.

Upon arriving at the outskirts, Dr Reid betrayed Somers and fired her shuttle into the black hole’s orbit, and she was forced to improvise. She escaped the clutch of the vacuum using her modified robotic vacuum companion N.E.W.T - but, as time functions differently in black holes, she returns home after 87 years of Olympus-time.

Determined to fund her research enough to find a way to travel back in time to be with her son, Horizon competes in the Apex Games for all of its necessary fortunes.

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