Apex Legends Gun Stickers Explained

Apex Legends Gun Stickers Explained
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Coleman Hamstead


3rd Jun 2022 11:00

Apex Legends Gun Stickers are a brand-new type of cosmetic item designed to add a hint of flavour to your otherwise bland weapons. Apex Legends features all sorts of different categories of cosmetic loot, and Gun Stickers are next up. Let's review how Apex Legends Gun Stickers work, how to get them, and when you can expect to find Gun Stickers in-game.

Apex Legends Gun Stickers: What Are Gun Stickers?

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Gun Stickers are special cosmetics fit for your weapons. Like Weapon Charms, Gun Stickers are a cute way to customise your guns and stand out in the Apex Games.

Apex Legends Gun Stickers function nearly identically to how Stickers work in Warzone and CSGO. With the introduction of Gun Stickers, a few open slots will appear on your weapon where you can place these adorable prints. Each slot can be decorated with a unique Gun Sticker, creating a one-of-a-kind, original weapon.

Apex Legends Gun Stickers: How To Get

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Like almost all Apex Legends cosmetics, most Gun Stickers are acquired through Crafting Metals, Apex Packs, the Battle Pass, and/or the Store. Furthermore, we can expect there to be select Gun Stickers tied to Ranked Mode, Events, and Twitch Drops. For example, there's a good chance that you'll receive an exclusive Gun Sticker to show off whatever rank you achieve in Ranked Mode. 

Apex Legends Gun Stickers come in different forms of rarity. The rarity of a Gun Sticker determines how many Crafting Metals or Apex Coins you need to spend to unlock it.

Apex Legends Gun Stickers: Release Date

While Gun Stickers are obviously far enough in development where we have access to images and gameplay footage of them, there is no set date for when Gun Stickers will go live in Apex Legends. Perhaps we can expect Gun Stickers in Apex Legends Season 14?  We will update this guide when more information on Gun Stickers becomes available.

Get ready to give your weapons a signature flair with Apex Legends Gun Stickers.


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