Apex Legends Fuse: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips and Lore

Apex Legends Fuse: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips and Lore
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1st Oct 2021 17:10

Apex Legends Fuse was a welcome surprise upon launch. Grenades are a big part of Apex Legends gameplay but never had a hero to make the most of them - until cheeky chappy Fuse came along. He has a very specific way of playing, and despite his low pick rate, he can be a truly lethal, offensive character that will send enemies off to their ends with a bang. Here's what you need to know in order to master Apex Legends Fuse.


Apex Legends Fuse Abilities

Apex Legends Fuse Guide
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Fuse’s knuckle cluster is great for getting out of (or into) a pickle, launching a cluster bomb that breaks off into smaller pieces and bursts around his enemies, dealing a little damage and disorienting foes.

His Grenadier passive is perhaps his signature move, though - it allows him to carry two grenades for every inventory slot, and his modified arm allows him to fire grenades farther, faster, and with more precision than his teammates.

Apex Legends Fuse Ultimate

Fuse’s fiery ultimate ability is the Motherlode, a huge bombardment that unleashes a ring of fire around your foes. Not only does it keep them in at the threat of damage, but enemies inside the ring can also be seen through the fire effortlessly for Fuse and his teammates.

Apex Legends Fuse Tips

Apex Legends Fuse Guide
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It might seem obvious, but you need to be taking advantage of the fact that you can carry two grenades in one inventory slot. Two grenades are often what will do the trick when it comes to dealing some damage to foes in cover - one frag on either side of a rock that an enemy squad are hiding behind will either lure them out or do some big and unexpected damage, giving you an immediate advantage.

Fuse’s Cluster Grenade often isn’t the absolute powerhouse players want it to be - but it’s excellent for making players panic. Especially if you’re playing in low-rank lobbies, don’t expect to finish anyone off with it, and instead use it in enclosed spaces to make your enemies freak out before surprising them with a full magazine.

A good idea for a team comp with Fuse is to pair him up with Apex Legends Caustic, so that when you’ve thrown down your ultimate, your teammate can throw a gas grenade or trap right in the centre. It might be toxic, but it gets the job done.

Apex Legends Fuse Lore

Apex Legends Fuse Guide
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Walter Fitzroy grew up on Salvo, a savage planet managed by a revolving door of misfits, miscreants and murderers. For a lot of his life he worked as a mercenary alongside his friend Maggie, but while she pined to be the one running the planet, Fusey felt the call of the Arena.

Fighting in Salvo’s Bonecage, he became the most beloved fighter on the planet, very much stealing Maggie’s thunder. Now aspiring for the grander stage of the Apex games, Maggie won’t let him go easily.

That’s all you need to know in order to take the demolitions expert to the arena. Good luck out there, and try not to wreck everything on your way out.

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