Apex Legends Crypto: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips And Lore

Apex Legends Crypto: Abilities, Ultimate, Tips And Lore
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8th Sep 2021 16:00

Apex Legends Crypto is a pretty low pick-rate character. He’s suffered a sad fate in the wake of season 10, as there’s now a new recon hero dominating the meta - but if you can master Crypto’s abilities, and we mean really master them, you could be Apex Legends’ next titan.

But how exactly do you master the surveillance expert? Here’s everything you need to know to make Apex Legends Crypto your new main.

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Apex Legends Crypto Abilities

Apex Legends Crypto Guide
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Crypto’s abilities focus on one thing, and one thing only - his drone. It can be deployed as his tactical ability, and will allow you to assume its control and fly across the map in an attempt to identify foes. The drone isn’t weighed down by recharge times - but if it’s destroyed by foes, it’ll take 40 seconds to repair.

Thanks to Crypto’s Neurolink passive ability too, if they’re nearby and you catch them in your view, they will be highlighted to you and your team, allowing you to effectively track them from your safe spot.

Apex Legends Crypto Ultimate

Crypto’s ultimate ability is also reliant on his drone, but it could be one of the most effective ultimate abilities in the game. The whopping Drone EMP sets off a huge blast that deals big damage to shields, slows enemies to a crawl and shuts down all traps in its radius. It might be a bit cumbersome to have to deploy your drone to use the ultimate, but if you use it correctly, you could make your team wipes much, much faster.

Apex Legends Crypto Tips

Apex Legends Crypto Guide
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Crypto actually has something of a secret ability that not a lot of mains make use of. When your drone is deployed and you turn to look at one of the many banners across the map that regularly displays the kill leader, they will instead reveal to you how many enemy teams are in the drone’s range. This is an incredibly useful tool, especially as they can be pinged to your team - so make sure you’re constantly checking those boards so you’re ready for anything.

There’s even more that the drone can do than is advertised - it can also scan survey beacons, collect teammate banners, revive at respawn beacons and open doors and loot boxes. Though you can’t harvest the loot for yourself as the drone, you can still ping the important stuff, so be sure to remember all of this during your downtime between gunfights.

It’s worth mentioning that though Crypto’s abilities make him perfect as a defensive legend, that doesn’t mean he can’t be applied well in an offensive way. Don’t be afraid to fly around foes at lightning speed to disorient them, show them who’s boss with a surprise EMP or hover over a Bangalore smoke to regain sight. Crypto can be tough, and there’s no doubt that if you can make it work for you, he can be truly deadly.

Apex Legends Crypto Lore

Apex Legends Crypto Guide
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A genius hacker and expert in encryption, Tae Joon Park has joined the Apex games for a much different reason than many of his teammates. He’s here to track down who framed him for murder.

Park escaped a life of orphanage by becoming an engineer for the Mercenary Syndicate with his foster sister, and after stumbling across an algorithm that could predict the outcome of any of the Apex Games in the Apex computer systems, they got in hot water with the wrong people. As his sister Mila disappeared and he found himself framed for her murder, he joined the Apex games to clear his name and find who lay this burden on him. After all, he knows the odds better than anyone.

That’s all you’ll need to know to take Crypto to the arena! Hop to it, and don’t forget to play it aggressive.

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