Apex Legends Control: Launch Date, Team Sizes, Big Changes

Apex Legends Control: Launch Date, Team Sizes, Big Changes
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8th Feb 2022 16:50

Apex Legends Control is the new mode arriving as part of season 12, Defiance. Apex Legends introduced focused PvP matches with Arenas early in 2021, and now Control marks the expansion of their more traditional multiplayer options, as they offer more outside of the regular battle royale.

But what is Control in Apex Legends? And when does the new mode launch? We've got all the details you need on Apex Legends Control, including launch date, rules, team sizes, and more. 

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Apex Legends Control: Launch Date

Apex Legends Control arrives alongside season 12 on February 8 and will be live from 6pm GMT / 1pm EST. The mode will be free similar to the base experience, however, one thing that is different is how long it plans to be around.

Apex Legends Control is a limited-time mode, so will only feature in the game for a three-week period, ending on March 1. 

However, players have been calling for a mode like this for a while - especially since Titanfall doesn't seem to be making a comeback anytime soon. While it's all just speculation, there is hope that the limited appearance of Control will act merely as a testing period before the game is added into the game on a more permanent basis, just like Arenas. 

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Apex Legends Control: What Is Control? 

Apex Legends Control: Lifeline and Rampart defend a point.
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For the sake of simplicity, Apex Legends Control similar to the Domination seen in Call of Duty or Control in Destiny 2.

Teams of nine will fight for control over three capture zones across the map. If a team holds all three zones they have the opportunity to end the game early.

While the mode isn't anything we haven't seen before, the appeal here is of course that teams will be made up of the legends players have come to know and love. Within a much tighter action-packed mode, players will be able to utilise their various skills, which will undoubtedly result in utter chaos. 

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Apex Legends Control: Difference From The Main Game

Apex Legends Control: Loba, Valkyrie and Bangalore in their new Season 12 skins.
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Of course, things have to be adjusted somewhat if Apex Legends Control is to work at all, and Respawn has done an excellent job of tweaking various aspects of the gameplay. 

For one, players will be gifted with unlimited syringes to boost their health, but most notably, their shield will begin regenerating on its own after eight seconds - no more waiting for your phoenix kits to pop. Weapons are selected through five loadouts, which change each day, but the familiar sight of care packages will be present, allowing players to swap out their loadouts for better weaponry. 

A new rating system will also accompany Apex Legends Control, meaning that players can be ranked for capturing zones, as well as gaining kills. Hopefully, this means those that play the objective will be rewarded for their efforts. 

Lastly, Control will feature just two maps during its tenure, Hammond Labs from Olympus and Barometer from Storm Point. These will host larger areas than what players have been used to in Arenas to make up for the tripled size of each team. 

Apex Legends Control is sure to be a hit among fans of both this series and Titanfall. If you aren't so interested in the more traditional PvP experience, see what else accompanies Control in our Apex Legends Season 12 guide.  

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