How To Unlock Among Us Halloween Hats

How To Unlock Among Us Halloween Hats

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Tom Chapman


6th Oct 2020 14:30

For those who don't already think being hunted through the bowels of a tin can in the depths of space was horrifying enough, InnerSloth is celebrating this spooky season with Among Us Halloween hats. While we're all used to playing as Red, Yellow, or Cyan, Among Us is embracing All Hallow's eve with some slaughtertastic skins. Now, you can stalk crewmates through the ship while dressed as Jason Voorhees.

Games like Fortnite and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout have been popularised by their cosmetic skins, and even though the Among Us Halloween hats won't make you a better Imposter, they'll at least let you fly your frightening flag in the month of October. Better yet, the Halloween hats are also free - giving you even more incentive to spice up your wardrobe.

Where can you find the Among Us Haloween hats?

At the time of writing, there are currently 12 Among Us Halloween hats to give your crewmates a macabre makeover. Ranging from cute bats and cats through to a terrifying plague doctor, a machete to the head, and the aforementioned Friday the 13th homage, there's something for everyone. 

To try on your new headwear, simply log in to Among Us, load the spawn spaceship's laptop and click customise. It should be as simple as finding the hats in the roster and selecting whichever one takes your fancy. If you don't see the Halloween hats, make sure you've updated to the latest version of the game.

Are there more hidden hats?

Although Among Us has recently found a reinvigorated fanbase thanks to its popularity on Twitch, it's important to remember the game has actually been out since 2018. We've previously seen Santa hats to celebrate Christmas, so devs are keen to keep the seasonal traditions alive within the sci-fi game of Cluedo. 

It turns out you can get your hands on more hidden hats if you use some time and date manipulation. Changing your device's clock to December means you'll be able to try on the Christmas-themed hats early. Of course, you could just wait for December to roll around. InnerSloth has warned the Haloween hats will only be around until October 31, meaning you haven't got long to embrace these things that go bump in the night.

If you want to keep the spirit(s) of Halloween around a little longer, you can automatically set the time and date on your PC or mobile device and keep it in October. Keeping the date on October 31 means there will also be some adorable Halloween decorations in the background.

Be warned though, messing with the clock (especially on phones) can have widespread effects, so check your apps carefully. Sadly, Among Us hasn't unveiled a Freddy Krueger hat and razor gloves yet. Oh well, maybe next year? 


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