Chris Young

The Boss

Dexter Tan Guan Hao

An Esports, fiction and comics fanatic through and through, you can find him sipping a nice, hot cup of tea while playing video games with the few friends that he has. Or don't find him at all. He'll prefer it that way.

Kellen Derry

Kellen “Legend” Derry has been involved in professional esports for the last five years in content and business development. He’s spent time with Na’Vi, HellRaisers, DreamTeam, and most recently was the Editor-in-Chief at WePlay! He’s a washed-up former top 500 FIFA player, too. He mostly uses Twitter to whine about EA Sports games.

Jack Marsh

Graduating from The University of Chester in 2019, Jack has previous experience in sports journalism. Jack has always had a passion for gaming since the early Call of Duty games, and has knowledge in Rocket League and Battle-Royale games.


Veteran Esports Feature Writer, currently focused on CS:GO.

Katie Memmott

Trained initially in Music Journalism, Katie has had a varied career in print, online and radio since 2010. She then moved on to her own online music publication of which she was founder and editor; Hit The Scene Magazine. Katie has always been an avid gamer, from the heady days of The Sims 1 to competitive Apex Legends, her knowledge derives from a personal passion for gaming. 

John Nolan

John is a Rocket League Esports (and cat) enthusiast, who is known in the community for his work as a moderator of r/RocketLeagueEsports, and his assistance in running various community tournaments.

Ben Hurst
Joey Carr

Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple Esports and gaming websites. He has 5+ years of experience covering Esports and traditional sporting events, including Dreamhack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53.

Joseph Franco

Overwatch Storyteller, Chinese Overwatch expert, and League of Legends novice.

Aashir Ahmed

An esports and tech hobbyist trying to express his passion through his eloquent words and en route to achieving great feats in journalism.

Phoebe Dua

Writer, Storyteller, Ratcatcher.

Jake Bannister

Jake is Head of Operations for GGRecon and is a Counter Strike & Rocket League fan. 

Coleman Hamstead

Coleman Hamstead is a freelance Esports writer with a focus on Call of Duty, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Rocket League. Starting back in 1996 on the N64, Coleman hasn’t been without a controller in his hands since. Check out more of his work here.

Sebastian Romero

Sebastian is an avid esports fanatic and holds a huge passion for the Overwatch and Dota 2 scenes. An aspiring streamer, you can catch him on Twitch or dm him on Twitter! He is always happy to discuss the latest developments in esports.

Alexander Lee

Alexander Lee is a freelance esports writer whose words have appeared in ESPN, the New York Daily News, and beyond. Follow him on Twitter @alexleewastaken or check out more of his work at

Nick Ray

Nick is a writer, researcher, and musician with a knack to talking too much about League of Legends. He also has a dog.

Jonno Nicholson

Jonno is a freelance writer specialising in Call of Duty esports.

Xander Teunissen

Writer, developer and esports observer from the land of cheese and windmills.

Sascha Yiska Heinisch

Sascha "Yiska" Heinisch has been creating content in esports for over a decade initially starting in Warcraft 3, going over to WoW Arena and since 2015 he has moved to Overwatch. You can join his Discord here.


Elliott 'aizyesque' Griffiths is a writer-turned-Twitter-fiend-turned-writer again who is most known for generally being obnoxious on Twitter.


TeaTime serves as broadcast talent for a few games, who is trying to get his feet wet with the business side of esports as well. Now emailing tournament organizers every day trying to get hired for events.

Jack Stewart

Jack Stewart is an experienced esports writer and League of Legends enthusiast who also follows FIFA and Rocket League. When he's not being flamed by solo-queue ADCs he's dreaming of being a Pokemon master or playing boardgames with friends.

Callum Shogun Keir

Callum "Shogun" Keir is a Rocket League veteran & is currently a caster/analyst for the Rocket League Championship Series. You can also check out his YouTube and Twitch.


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