The highly-anticipated game mode will bring Call of Duty's biggest Zombies map yet.

13:32, 23 Feb 2021

If the entirety of Treyarch was personified in a single body, they'd currently be swaggering around the Call of Duty headquarters office with a wry smug smile, their chest puffed out, and a joyous yet arrogant spring in their step. The type of bounce your boss has on a Monday morning when the rest of the office is suffering to regain from their efforts last week - yes we're talking about you, Infinity Ward.

As IW scratch their heads to figure out where they went wrong last year (a rather extensive list to say the least), Treyarch has been smashing in the content that has Call of Duty fans fluttering with excitement as we look to be regaining some of the glory from the 2012/13 glory years. Alongside a stacked content log for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 2, the developers have revealed that a new Zombies mode will be coming: Outbreak.

The zombie apocalypse is set closer to home than it ever has been, taking place on multiplayer maps, specifically those depicted in the 40 man mode Fireteam: Dirty Bomb. 

The maps Ruka and Alpine will play host to the game mode by combining thanks to Dr Richtonfen's teleportation device that has been popping up in zombies maps since Der Reise. With both 40-man sized battlegrounds involved, Zombies Outbreak will come with the largest map ever seen in the undead size of Call of Duty.

Zombies Outbreak is landing on February 25, alongside a whole week of free play to those who only own Warzone. The free multiplayer and Outbreak experience will kick off with the release of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 2 as of February 25.


So grab your Ray Gun and R.A.I. K-84, and take a swig of your Deadshot Daiquiri, as Zombies is getting bigger and better than ever before.


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Image via Activision 

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