ZLaner Has Been Banned Twice After Just One Day On Halo Infinite

ZLaner Has Been Banned Twice After Just One Day On Halo Infinite
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16th Nov 2021 16:31

Despite signing as a professional Call of Duty Warzone player for the famous OpTic Gaming brand (also under the wing of Envy), not all has been plain sailing for Zack "ZLaner" Lane since joining the Green Wall, as just a matter of hours into is Halo Infinite multiplayer experience, ZLaner has been banned, twice.

What's Happening With Halo Infinite's Ranked Mode?

343 Industries gifted players worldwide with an early launch of the Halo Infinite multiplayer experience during a birthday celebration for Xbox, leaving players flocking in their thousands to get their hands on the sci-fi shooter that has been eluding our grasps for a year. 

With the multiplayer launch came a widely well-received ranked mode, alongside esports skins for the nine partnered Championships Series (HCS) organisations, attracting many Call of Duty players who have been feeling the void of any esports content since the release of Vanguard - including ZLaner.

The popular streamer took to Halo's new ranked mode, but not with much progress, as he was banned twice within the first few hours of gameplay.

Why Has Zlaner Been Banned From Halo Infinite?

Much to the disappointment of the loud minority of people who believe ZLaner uses cheats in Warzone, the ban came with no indication of foul play, but rather a problem with Halo itself. According to the streamer, multiple bans have been handed to him as a penalty for leaving ranked matches - which itself is not uncommon for competitive titles. However, he claimed that the ranked games were crashing and subsequently kicking the players out of lobbies and penalising them for the error. 

Taking to Twitter, ZLaner addressed Halor directly, questioning, "any chance you could make the Ranked leaving game penalties lower during the first few days of the game until you figure the game crashes out? I have crashed 5 times today and now can't play for the rest of the day..."

It came just two hours after he previously said that he was banned for leaving three ranked matches, unintentionally due to the lag. 

The imposed matchmaking ban also covers the casual playlists, meaning that the Facebook streamer logged off his account following the six-hour ban on his account. 

Despite a ranked mode being present, it's clear that much work is needed on the game before it can properly flourish and attract these top-name players.

For ZLaner, maybe sticking to Warzone with his newfound teammates might be best.


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