Bigger is better, right?

20:31, 21 Feb 2021

Is length always important? You might hear different answers depending on your intent here, but in terms of cool concept ideas, 'bigger is better' trumps 'motion in the ocean'.

As Microsoft proved with their jibe back at fans who mocked the Xbox Series X looked akin to a fridge freezer, creating a whopping console can be just as fun as the small functional boxes that interpret our protagonists on screen. 

However, should the two concepts [girth and functionality] be combined, then surely we'd be on to a winner.

Well, YouTube sensation Zachary "ZHC" Hsieh, has found the lucky ticket. The 22-year-old Californian has spent $70,000 on building the largest fully operating PlayStation 5 console, and yes, it's bloody massive.

Standing at ten feet tall and weighing approximately 500lbs, the supersized console comes with a colossal controller befitting of the genre. Despite being 100 times bigger than the original PS5 console, ZHC's creation can still be used to play your favourite titles.


Recently, the gaming world whipped out their rulers and tape measures as one savvy gamer crunched the numbers behind the height of Resident Evil's Lady Dimitrescu as she was revealed to be taller than pretty much every gaming character ever. At 9'6" in height (2.9m) the encapsulating and sensuous Lady D stands taller than the likes of Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Halo's Master Chief. However, even Lady D is no comparison to the humongous PS5 console.

Both Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario are predicted to be 3'3", meaning you could stack them threefold and still not eclipse ZHC's monster.

ZHC actually waged his PS5 in a bet with fellow content creators, edging his chances that he could paint his side faster than the opponent could cover the other side. With ten feet in height to cover, the popular YouTuber whipped up some serious speed with his roller. Coming out triumphant, he still donated some standard-sized consoles to charity and lucky subscribers.


With the coronavirus pandemic lockdown as a social barrier, what better to do than splash a measly 70 fat ones on a ten-foot PS5?



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Image via ZHC | YouTube | Nintendo

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