They can't catch you if you're teleported to the underworld.

16:29, 19 Jan 2021

VALORANT Season 2 gifted players with a reignited reason to grind, resetting the ranked ladder and implementing a brand new Agent to the pool: a mischievous duelist who can be up in your face one second and vanish in the next. 

Yoru, sporting his deep royal blue gear and Ninja-esque hairstyle, has been available for just over a week now and has become a breath of fresh air for the more aggressive VALORANT players. With an Ult that possesses the ability to completely vanish into thin air, he has become a popular option for singling out a lone ranger or providing valuable intel to teammates. 

However, the "Gatecrash Rift" has not been smooth sailing, with the move often resulting in immediate death. 

In a clip surfaced on Reddit, user "amcaaa" showcased him using Yoru to navigate in an ethereal essence to get behind enemy lines but was quickly sent to the spectators' screen upon exiting. Not because of bad timing or unfortunate positioning, but because the rift condemned him to the underworld and wiped him from the round.

Upon exiting the Ult just prior to it expiring, amcaaa was stuck underground resulting in his prompt eradication.

So if you use Yoru's teleport JUST as it expires, it kills you from r/VALORANT

Unfortunately, this was no one-off circumstance, with many others also facing Yoru ability issues Suspicions have arisen regarding whether it is as a result of the placement of the rift, although a variety of clips in different locations have surfaced, squashing this theory.

The bug has since been reported to Riot Games, with a fix expected to be coming in swiftly. However, for the meantime, air on the side of caution when advancing into the trenches of the enemy.



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Image via Riot Games 

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