Plans for 2021 as a new team.

20:00, 24 Nov 2020

An esports organisation known as XSET has recently acquired an all-female roster from Team Originem. They’re considered the best female team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and have had an eventful year with their previous org. The championship lineup placed first at the DreamHack Summer Showdown which caught the attention of XSET, a brand designed by Greg Selkoe who was originally the President of FaZe Clan. His history as an entrepreneur started out in the clothing industry with a fashion brand called Karmaloop.

Nowadays he’s a top dog in the industry of esports and plans on making dreams come true for his players. Selkoe has made it clear that XSET wants to integrate their CS:GO roster into tournaments which include all-male teams - a chance to break the barrier between genders within competitive gaming and major events. 


Besides the team’s plan to make history in CS:GO, what does the XSET's roster bring to the table? Team Originem was considered the best female team after earning multiple C-Tier titles including the DreamHack Summer Showdown event against Galaxy Racer Esports Female. They started the year off at the Ambush Female Invitational where they beat seven other teams under the name WeRunThisPlace. Next was their ten thousand dollar finish at the DreamHack Summer Showdown, which was their biggest event yet. They went undefeated and moved onto the Galaxy Racer Invitational against their rival team from January of this year. Team Originem won their last event before singing with XSET in an attempt to grow their roster.


What separates XSET from the rest of the competition is their variety of players. They have CS:GO legends such as Julia “juliano” Kiran and Zainab “zAAz” Turkie along with younger players like Petra “Petra” Stoker and Anastasia “kr4sylya” Khlobystina. They’re also backed by well-known investors and sponsors including rapper Swae Lee and the restaurant chain called Wahlburgers. Another key figure is the man behind the scene with experience like no other in esports. Selkoe has formed multiple companies in the past along with his stay at FaZe as the company's worldwide President. All of these ingredients combined can create an award-winning team willing to compete with the best in CS:GO.

One of the main riflers zAAz has a whopping 1.20 player rating along with years of experience as a professional CS:GO, player. She has continued to carry her team to victory in multiple events and is a confident yet realistic player. XSET’s IGL juliano is another highly decorated player who calls the shots when making strats. Her experience as an IGL and rifler shows in both tournaments and scrims when making huge plays for the team. If she keeps things up, juliano will be able to earn even more achievements from her already successful career. Petra is one of the only players capable of using either a rifle or an AWP in tense situations. As a flex, Petra is able to hold down any position required by her teammates. It’s not every day you see a player with confidence in wielding an AWP or spraying down enemies with the AK-47. 

At only nineteen years old, kr4sylya has managed to make a career out of esports with multiple teams in CS:GO. She spent a majority of her time with BeÅŸiktaÅŸ Esports before joining Team Originem. As a support and lurker, kr4sylya provides backup frags for finishing off weak players. She’s continued to develop as a player and competitor, which is exactly what XSET is looking for; they don’t want players that have run out of steam. Last but not least is Michaela “mimimimichaela” Lintrup, a talented CS:GO player who's won a majority of her events with Team Secret. An org which later in life became the bridge to Team Originem. All of these players look like promising competitors for the 2021 CS:GO season.

XSET Female Roster


Due to their recent establishment in esports, XSET will make their debut on December 10 at the DreamHack Winter Open. The current participants for that event includes ESPADA, Movistar Riders, and sAw. Brackets are still being configured leading up to the starting matchups with XSET. They were also invited to the DreamHack Showdown Winter event against six other teams including Arcane Wave and Galaxy Racer Female. Besides dominating their current invitationals, XSET has one goal, and that's to compete against all-male rosters. There are essentially two main reasons why they want to complete this task before anything else. First of all, it’s an opportunity to make history in CS:GO as the first all-female roster to compete in major events - a dream that can only be accomplished with great players and a highly funded org. The second thing is that XSET wants to take part in high earning events such as world majors and BLAST tournaments.   


XSET has a great team with even better players and wants to accomplish a lot of goals within esports. They’re backed by multiple sponsors and are always in the media due to their celebrity appearances. Hopefully, they can pull through at their next DreamHack event and take over CS:GO while making history at the same time. 


Images via XSET 

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