Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is officially back on Twitch after his seven-day suspension, but not everyone is happy to see the streamer back on the platform.

09:46, 26 Nov 2020

Felix "xQc" Lengyel is officially back on Twitch after THAT big Fall Guys stream sniping scandal, and safe to say, the gaming community hasn't exactly welcomed the superstar streamer back with open arms.

When it comes to xQc's ban, he felt the full wrath of Twitch when he was accused of stream sniping during a recent Fall Guys Twitch Rivals. It not only earned him a ban, but saw other big names like Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek and Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp saying they'd lost respect for him. 

As well as xQc's team losing the tournament, he was slapped with a six-month ban from Twitch events, and he had to give up all any prize money he won. Even though xQc was one of four big names in the firing line (including Turner "Tfue" Tunney), it was Lengyel that took the brunt of the criticism.

It was a short-lived ban for xQc, however, his anticipated return pulled in big numbers of over 100,000. As xQc's chat filled with fans and trolls alike, the 25-year-old Canadian soon found himself lost in a swathe of abuse.

When @StreamerBans announced xQc has been released from Twitch jail, the thread continued with calls for harsher punishments. One critic wrote, "Should of been permanent, can't believe he would jeopardize the competitive integrity of Twitch Rivals and commit those heinous acts". Some questioned whether this comment was genuine or just another troll. Still, another added, "I wonder if he learned anything, or if he just enjoyed a vacation?".


Namely, there are genuine accusations that because xQc is such a big name, he was given preferential treatment. Lengyel himself addressed the issue on his return stream and firmly denied he's Twitch's golden boy. "I don’t think bigger streamers get preferential treatment, and I think that was a good showcase of it".

He continued, "I think, out of all the other instances, I think that was a good showcase of me not getting preferential treatment. If anything, I got the full juicer, seven-day whole thing and I got clapped". This still isn't enough for many though, who continue to call out xQc for rattling the cages of viewers and fellow content creators alike. 

Elsewhere, popular streamer Esfand made his feelings clear. Discussing xQc's sniping scandal, he said, "If it’s anything less than perma, I’ll be shocked. In fact, he should be excommunicated from the internet for what he did, absolutely. Deplatformed entirely, maybe even real-life jail. I’m dead serious…. ever heard of Alcatraz? I have, it’s what should be xQc’s new home. Yeah, life in prison. That’s just my opinion, please respect my opinion…… that is 100% true!". 


Back on his return stream, xQc said perma-bans shouldn't be a thing. He explained, "'Oh no, not good enough of an apology, I hope you get perma-banned'. I hope nobody gets perma-banned and there are people I really dislike in the content creator space, and I wouldn’t want them to get perma-banned". 

So, is xQc going to turn over a new leaf? While we've already seen him apologise, he said he can now be used as an example to others: "That’s fine because when we come back, I can also be an example of doing better". Ultimately, his apology was met with criticism that he "wimped out" and should've stuck to his guns, while others wouldn't accept it. With xQc in arguably in a lose-lose situation, you can bet he's going to continue being the same divisive character he's always been. 



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