Despite competition from Ludwig's Subathon, xQc remains on top of the tree.

11:48, 07 Apr 2021

The crown that sits tightly on the slicked back frosted whisps atop of Felix "xQc" Lengyel's head is not budging. Picking up from where he left off in 2020, the former Overwatch professional/passionate variety gamer has officially been revealed as the most-watched streamer in the first quarter of 2021. 

According to figures taken from Stream Hatchet, xQc fans spent 73.2 million hours watching the Canadian run up antics, with his time on the Grand Theft Auto Role Play NoPixel server proving to be a popular watch - amassing 30 million hours of his viewership, other games such as Rust and miscellaneous "Just Talking" made entertainment for his plaudits. 

Just over half of xQc's total was notched up by Brazillian streamer and ex-Counter-Strike professional Alexandre "Gaules" Borba, who came in second place. Gaules' 38.5 million hours viewed further backs up xQc's popularity and dominance on the platform, with a whopping 34.7 million hours separating the first and second-placed streamers.


Jumping an insane 38 places on the charts to appear in sixth place is Ludwig "Ludwig" Ahgren, whose insane "subathon" has captured some insane headlines over the last two weeks. The variety streamer has become the most subscribed-to personality on the platform, reaching over 200,000 - which coincidentally is the second-highest figure of all time behind Tyler Ninja Blevins' total of 270,000. 

Despite being the most-watched streamer in Q1 of 2021, xQc's sub count sits around 70,000.


Although Ludwig's stream that has been continuous since March 14 has seen a huge increase in subscribers, it adds a testament to xQc whose streams have been watched thrice the times of Ludwig's.

xQc's dominance seems to be here to stay, even though he isn't everybody's cup of tea. Sip Sip.



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image via Activision Blizzard | Twitch

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