Oh no, xQc, not again!

11:48, 19 Apr 2021

Just when you thought a new leaf had been turned and Felix "xQc" was riding high on the straight and narrow path to stardom, the high-throttle Canadian streamer opted for another wave of antics that had viewers in hysterics but at a costly price.

Playing in front of more than 80,000 concurrent viewers, xQc has been banned from the Grand Theft Auto Role Play NoPixel server for an astounding fourth time. After previously overturning a permaban, xQc has now been hit with a whopping 30 day sidelining, which may also see him never return.

With less than a week on the clock after returning from his most recent expulsion, xQc has now been removed from the server and has claimed that he may not be coming back.

Why was xQc Banned for the fourth time?

The latest accusations against Lengyel is that he exploited bugs that broke the terms of services of the NoPixel server. The use of bugs to manipulate roles and outcomes previously landed him in a spot of bother, seemingly being a lesson not learned.

However, xQc has challenged the moderators to provide one damning piece of evidence in which he'd gracefully take a permanent ban, whereas a lack of evidence stacked against him should mean the ban is overturned.       

Will xQc Return after his 30 Day NoPixel Ban?

According to his outburst on stream, xQc does not intend to return to the GTA RP NoPixel server when his 30-day ban is lifted. After sitting to Minecraft, Lengyel was asked by a subscriber as to whether he'd be going back, to which he simply responded "probably not".


He also admitted that he will not be appealing the ban this time around.

Despite the resilience shown by xQc, it's evident that his fans love the GTA RP shenanigans, and he's never been one to let down his viewers.



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Image via xQc | Rockstar Games

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