The Twitch superstar stood up for female streamers in his latest outburst.

11:42, 30 Apr 2021

After some mixed headlines in recent weeks dueo to a large array of Grand Theft Auto Role Play drama, Twitch sensation Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has now used his enormous platform to stand up for female streamers including Imane "Pokimane" Anys.

The former Overwatch professional hit out at "misogynistic" viewers who have cast an umbrella over female streamers following the latest hot tub craze. After publicly condemning the new craze, xQc praised the likes of Pokimane and the "great content" that she and other women have made.

His stream on April 22 flew under the radar before Pokimane thanked the star for his support. Speaking in front of over 2.5 million viewers on his 10 hour-long stream, xQc said "There’s a lot of successful women out there. And they show a lot of good incentive, and they have good content,

"Legitimate misogynists will say 'No, they have bad content!' like when there is big Pokimane hate. 'Nah bro, she’s only growing because of x, y, z.' And they will say 'Content is bad, trash'."

To finish off his rant, xQc reinforced the value of Pokimane, noting that her millions of followers disagree with the misogynistic views. He added “All the people that watch and the millions of followers that they have disagreed with your stupid a** take!”


Pokimane also thanked xQc for his comments, talking on her own stream. In a period where hot tubs and swimsuits have been flashed across Twitch, Poki admitted that it was nice to hear the positive comments about herself. 

In an upload on her alternate YouTube account, Pokimane said "Thanks X, you’re a real one. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine myself on an LSF post with xQc saying something nice about me, and most of the top comments also saying something nice about me. I slept really well last night, let’s just say that."

Recently, Pokimane has continued her work on Among Us and even dipped back into Fortnite with one of her most successful videos of 2021. The streamer also recently dressed up as a purple Among Us character whilst playing the new map, showing that there's more to content than swimming in circles.



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Image via xQc | Pokimane | Twitch | YouTube

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