The former Overwatch pro doesn't touch the game anymore.

10:47, 26 Jan 2021

Felix "xQc" Lengyel has come a long way since his introduction into the world of gaming. Having topped the charts for the most viewed streamer on Twitch (in terms of gross hours) in 2020, the Canadian now streams a variety of games, including jumping on the recent survivor craze on titles such as Rust.

Those that have followed xQc since the start of his career will remember him for his time as a professional Overwatch player, where he was given his big break at Denial eSports in 2017. Having moved on to be a part of the Overwatch League side Dallas Fuel, xQc received a handful of fines for his discipline, subsequently leading him to leave the league and focus on becoming the streamer he is today. 

Despite being once at a professional level, xQc will seldom be caught playing the game, especially not on stream. Having retained some of his existing fans, he was asked on stream "I don't care what you play but why not Overwatch?", to which he claimed that the game is not competitive when he plays, as players will often use his Gamertag to get five minutes of fame.

He claimed "The problem that I have with the game is that it’s almost like… when I stream the game, the stream becomes like a market place for attention. Every game, people come in on my team, and everybody just fishes for attention. On my team and the enemy team”.

He continued to say that the game is "just not fun. Like, I can’t play the actual game. It’s not competitive. Why bother playing a competitive game all-in when it’s just not competitive?”. 


Although he doesn't forget his roots, xQc has now moved on to much bigger things. Whilst an appearance on Overwatch would be welcome if a competitive environment can be made, it's likely that the 25-year-old will continue to reign dominant on games such as Rust, such as we saw when he turned into the grand ruler of the OfflineTV server.


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Image via Activision Blizzard

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