XigN single handedly shuts down an entire team

20:00, 13 Oct 2020


XigN has recently left BTRG, but also joined NG days after his release. The South Korean CS:GO player has been in the industry for six years now. Starting off with myRevenge e.V and m0nster.kr, XigN found little success with his entry teams. Both were small teams that played in the Asian region earning a few grand each. Besides top three placements at small Asian qualifiers it was time for him to move on. He became best known for his participation with MVP Project and PK. After two years of playtime with the org XigN earned roughly fifty thousand in tournament prizes. His most notable event was placing first at Cobax Master Phase 2 back in 2019. Earning MVP and sixty thousand dollars. For those who don’t keep up with the Asian CS:GO community, Cobax is a huge six figure event. Despite being at a B-Tier level the tournament holds some of the best in Asia.  

XigN’s best gameplay at the S-Tier level was placing between fifth and twelfth at two events. One being at the World Electronic Sports Games in 2017 against teams such as BIG and Fnatic. Including players like JW, flusha, tabseN, and tiziaN. The PK division placed fifth after losing to Fnatic who later won the tournament worth over one million dollars. XigN’s team took a cut worth twenty-five grand. Fnatic being a veteran team was bound to win but MVP still put up a fight. The twelfth place finish wasn’t as impressive but to be fair it was held at Intel Extreme Masters Season XIII. 

IEM Sydney contained the best in the world. Stages included Astralis, FaZe Clan, and TYLOO. Along with players which held the greatest success like karrigan, GarudiaN, device, and DD. MVP started off against a larger team known as G2 and lost. Putting XigN in the losers bracket against Chiefs ESC. A smaller team which they beat 2-0 and eventually lost to mousesports. Twelfth place wasn’t the most notable spot but for a minor team it was a solid achievement. After those events XigN continued to study the game even more while playing in Tiers A through C. Feeling like he had mastered his craft XigN changed teams and joined his new crew at Big Time Regal Gaming, BTRG for short.


The org was much smaller but had already earned sixty thousand dollars over the course of two years. With a Chinese roster location XigN stuck to the Asian division. Expecting less money but more experience. The Chinese company owned teams that participated across PUBG, Fortnite, Overwatch, and obviously CS:GO. BTRG’s greatest achievement was at the WDNMD Asia Invitational in 2020. Also one of XigN’s biggest events where he helped the team earn thirty grand in prizes. About half of the team's total earnings.   

XigN spent his first three events trying to find his groove with the new team. A mixture of global ESEA Opens and Asian Qualifiers. BTRG started to find themselves at the top in C-Tier events with their latest pickup.



Things were going well for XigN and his new team until contract issues made their way into the picture. XigN mentioned in a tweet recently how he had left BTRG due to multiple contract disputes. Obviously a big problem that no player should stand for. Once NG Esports heard about the situation they sent an offer over to XigN’s agent Jerome Coupez. The founder and CEO of Prodigy Agency. XigN decided to join NG after hearing good things about the org. A brand new team founded only a couple months ago sometime in 2020. The team based in Thailand has also picked up Impression who had played for BTRG. Big Time crumbled after being called out by XigN and has officially disbanded, no longer participating in the Asian CS:GO scene. 

NG has hinted at the arrival of two more players with a couple of tweets. Their Twitter mentioned one player having a four letter tag, and the others name ending in t. Knowing BTRG has shut down, the two other players will most likely have played for Big Time. After going through the list of free agents it’s come down to king, start, HeiB, and zWin. A mixture of trial players and one possible coach. XigN has been quiet on social media about his new team but things are looking up for the young gamer.   

Although not very talkative, XigN seems to be better off starting with a fresh team. He could’ve moved onto VALORANT with some of his former teammates but chose to finish his career in CS:GO. The scene in Asia, usually much smaller, still offers a great range of players like XigN. Previous fans of MVP should be on the lookout for what NG and XigN have to offer. The group is full of young pros that still have events they want to dominate in. 

Images via MVP | NG

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