Angry games are claiming their Xbox Series X consoles are randomly shutting down due to an issue with booting up games on the next-gen system.

11:44, 13 Nov 2020

We've all heard those scandalous rumours about a "smoking" Xbox Series X, but now, there are reports that Microsoft's next-gen console is actually shutting down at random points. The idea of the Xbox Series X overheating and catching fire was quickly debunked as a viral hoax with tricksters blowing vape smoke into their systems. When it comes to the shutdown issue, it seems legitimate.

The Xbox Series X is packing a lot into its boxy shape and is going head-to-head with the PlayStation 5. Whether you're an Xbox kid or used to PlayStation fan, chances are you've already made your decision on which console you're going to buy or might have it in your possession already. Although both consoles have their pros and cons, the Xbox Series X shutting down is a major mark in the con column for Microsoft.


What is the issue with the Xbox Series X? 

After opening Some games on my xbox Series X the system shuts down after a few seconds. from r/xboxinsiders

A Microsoft forum and Reddit thread are both picking up steam with an alarming number of reports that the Xbox Series X is randomly shutting down with no warning or response. Although it eventually comes back on, the wait can take up to 30 minutes. Hardly what you'd expect from a next-gen console that is fresh out of the box. 

According to those affected, the shutdown seems to be happening when booting up certain games. Worringly, Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War are the biggest culprits. This is a huge blow for the Xbox Series X considering these are two of the hottest launch titles and have given Microsoft the jump on the PS5 ahead of the being able to play them on the Xbox rival. The suggestion is that it could be the massive file size of these games glitching out. 

Posting on Twitter, one frustrated gamer wrote, "The #XboxSeriesX I have refuses to load #CodWarzone It crashes the machine every time, & the controller resets. Just my luck to get a duff #Xbox at launch. Happens on other games too. Do I go to @MicrosoftHelps or@Argos_Online for a replacement? @JezCorden @xboxuk @XboxSupport".  Microsoft is aware of the issue, with Team Xbox's Jason Ronald hinting that it could be a problem with Quick Resume. On November 11, he confirmed Quick Resume has been disabled on "some" titles until a fix can be round.

Interestingly the developers of Dead By Deadlight have acknowledged the game having its own issues on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. On the game's official forum, the team responded, "We are aware that some of our players are currently having issues in loading into games on the Xbox Series X|S - please rest assured that this issue is being given our fullest attention and we appreciate your patience. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused". It's unlcear whether these problems are specific to Dead By Daylight or are also linked to wider Xbox gremlins. 


Of course, this latest debacle will have people remembering the deadly Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death that put so many consoles out to pasture. Considering the Xbox Series X is so new, there were always going to be a few teething problems, however, this is one potential issue we'll be keeping an eye on. Spending £449 on a giant doorstop isn't how most of us want to splash the cash. 



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