New specs for the Xbox Series S storage suggest Microsoft's next-gen console will come with just 364GB.

11:38, 04 Nov 2020

Are we really back to those days of hoarding memory cards in a drawer? Well, if the latest specs on the Xbox Series S are to believed, you might want to shell out on some extra storage. Apparently, Microsoft's next-gen console will be fresh out of the box with just 364GB of storage.

We always knew the S was going to be a smaller version of the flagship Xbox Series X (in every way), but similar to Sony's Digital Edition PlayStation 5, we expected the budget model to still stack up to its bigger brother - albeit with a better price tag.

While lucky influencers/reviewers have been getting to grips with the PS5 for a few weeks now, Microsoft has been keeping the lid on the next line of Xboxes. We've all heard the rumours, but for now, we're largely in the dark about what both versions will actually be packing. Now, one lucky fan has apparently received their Xbox Series S early and dropped the disappointing news


How much storage does the Xbox Series S have?

Received it 1 week early !! From the source (Canada) feeling really lucky ! Hope all of you receive it soon! from r/XboxSeriesX

Posting on Reddit u/spead20 showed off their shiny Xbox Series S and said they hoped we all get ours soon too. As the floor opened up to questions, the redditor answered what everyone wanted to know. The biggest takeaway is that the Xbox Series S will reportedly only include 364GB of memory. Hardly the grunt we were expecting from a next-gen system. Elsewhere, the main Xbox Series X is tipped to have 802GB and the PS5 around 650GB.


Worringly, the owner suggested that although the Xbox Series S has a 512GB SSD, the actual storage is much less. The problem is that the actual Xbox operating system takes up the other 148 GB. It means you could be seriously out of luck if you plan on storing more than a few next-gen titles on your Xbox S. Looking a little closer, the fact something like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will take up to 250GB of that space means it could be RIP to your Xbox Series S storage.


Can you get around the Xbox Series S storage problem?

There are obvious ways around the disappointing Series S storage size. Buying an Xbox Storage Expansion Card or storing via an external hard drive are both viable options, however, they're hardly an ideal solution. Yes, the Xbox Series S will save you some money, but just like the Digital Edition PS5 only shaves 12mm off the console's goliath size, many will be asking are the savings really worth it in the long run?


It's unknown how the Redditor ended up with their Xbox Series S early, but they claim they ordered from The Source in Canada. If you ordered your console from their too, it might be worth checking your emails. They also confirmed they have access to all the usual Microsoft features like the Store and the ability to buy the Xbox Games Pass, meaning they're already getting the drop on the next generation of games consoles.

Either way, the issue of space on all of the above is set to be an issue. Most modern games are looking at clocking in at over 50GB per title, meaning external storage will be a must-have addition to our Christmas lists this year.



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