The Voice Actor behind Apex Legends' Wraith has admitted that she's never played the game.

21:20, 26 Dec 2020

Whilst admitting she's a Mario Kart fanatic and an evergreen Zombies slayer, the wonderful Shantel VanSanten who is the voice behind Wraith has never actually loaded into a game of Apex Legends

When it comes to Apex Legends, it stands out of the bursting pack of battle royale games through its engaging backstory and live quips of its in-game legends. Characters like Rampart and Horizon have found their path in the Outlands highlighted by their backstory and with that their voice actors have been key to the success of their plausibility.

Shantel VanSanten, who is also a famous actor playing in roles such as Becca Butcher in The Boys and Patty Spivot in The Flash, discussed her role in creating the Voidwalker on a Podcast with Chris Edgerly. Within the podcast, she told Edgerly that to perfect the voice lines she had to visualise Wraith's positioning within the game and how lines such as "there's a sniper nearby" would differ from kill quips. VanSanten did this by watching the game though and admitted that she'd never played the game before.

“I have to visualize it because I’ve never played the game, sorry guys"

“I’ve seen it online because I wanted to understand some of the things but then I got really overwhelmed because I did not understand how complicated it was. I’ve played Mario Kart and Plants vs Zombies and then I go and I’m like ‘what is this game?'”


Apex Legends isn't for everyone and is, admittedly, one of the more complicated battle royale games. For someone with VanSanten's schedule, you really can't blame her for not having the time to understand the fine mechanics. 

Despite not playing herself, at least her infamous voice lines will have saved the lives of many Wraiths within the game.



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Image via Warner Bros. | Respawn Entertainment

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