Do you need a PC to play Valheim?

17:21, 26 Mar 2021

Iron Gate Studio’s smash hit Valheim has been dominating the Steam sale charts for weeks now. Initially released into early access in February 2021, the indie title has taken the hearts of gamers around the globe and carried it to its mythological Viking world. If you’re not yet in on the fun, it’s likely because you don’t own a gaming PC, and you’re wondering when the title might appear on consoles such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 or 5, Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S. We have some good and bad news for you.

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Will Valheim Come To Console?

Unfortunately, not any time soon. In a recent Q&A section added to its website, Iron Gate Studio’s addressed the request for Valheim to be available on other platforms than PC. While it’s easy to forget, given its polish, Valheim is still very much an early access game, as the developer reminded us in its answer. Their priorities lie in ironing out bugs and creating new content, all while incorporating feedback from their active community.

Luckily, the devs haven’t categorically said no but will be evaluating interest on a Mac and console version in the future. In terms of a potential timeline, we have some educated guesses. In their Q&A, the developers shared that the game will be in early access for at least a year with the potential of an even longer period given the aforementioned community feedback. Wise to the work required to port versions cross-platform, Iron Gate sees its limited manpower currently best allocated to the PC version and only after release would they entertain extending the platforms the games could be played on.

If by the time the game is fully released, an interest in a console version was still there, the team might then be looking to extend its fanbase. Of course, whether or not Valheim has legs like a game like Minecraft or is more of a seasonal flash in the pan remains to be seen.

Until then, the good news for console gamers is that the game is relatively forgiving on the hardware that a PC might require, possibly being playable on your home office PC setup. Furthermore, if you detest playing games with a mouse and keyboard, Valheim launched with full Xbox360 and Xbox One controller support, allowing you to enjoy at least a bit of the console experience lounging back on your sofa with your gamepad.

Fingers crossed that the game maintains its speed and possibly even extends its team, so the full release version stays on course or ahead of schedule, allowing for an earlier release on other platforms. For now, you will need a PC, and when is that expense better justified than in 2021?

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Image via Iron Gate Studio

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