Wild Starfield Theory Hints At Exact Release Date

Wild Starfield Theory Hints At Exact Release Date
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Joseph Kime


14th Jul 2022 09:04

With the release date of Starfield hanging up in the air (pun intended because, you know, space), players are tangling themselves up wondering when we'll actually get our hands on the new space epic from Bethesda. As fans still stew in their excitement waiting for a release date, there's a fan theory that could unearth when we'll actually get to blast off. 

The sci-fi shooter was delayed from this year, and though fans were furious not to see the game by Christmas, it's a pretty huge experience. At the end of the day, we'd rather have a release that works rather than a game that's forced out to ensure it makes it in time for the holidays. We all remember what happened with Cyberpunk 2077.

What Is The Starfield Release Date?

Some fans have come to the conclusion that Starfield is going to be making its grand arrival on March 23, 2023. Although their reasoning for thinking this is pretty out there, it wouldn't be the strange video game theory we've ever heard. 

The theory comes first from Twitter user @LoneVaultWanderer, who claims that the date has been hidden in plain sight but has an important link to the world of aviation.

The number on the side of the spaceship, as spotted by LoneVaultWanderer, is SV 821 393 - the number of the patent of the Wright brother's flying machine. It's this patent that was filed on March 23 1903, which has led fans to theorise that Starfield will be coming on its 120th anniversary in 2023.


Is The Starfield Release Date Theory Accurate? 

Fans have taken this theory and ran with it, as user Balrog229 shares the idea on the Starfield subreddit. "It's also 3.23.23, which seems like a very Todd Howard kinda date if you ask me," they say. "The rational part of my brain tells me it's more likely June of next year, but the hopeful part of my brain is telling me this could be pretty likely."

Who knows whether Bethesda thought this far ahead when it comes to its delaying of Starfield, but if this ends up being true, it'd be an impressive and fitting date to choose. Frankly, the sooner Starfield gets here,  the better. We're itching to explore the cosmos with Starfield, and with it being billed as Bethesda's biggest game yet, there's a lot riding on this. 

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