Why Now Is The BEST Time To Play Support In Overwatch

Why Now Is The BEST Time To Play Support In Overwatch
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29th Oct 2021 19:26

By far the easiest role to get into, Supports are the backbone of Overwatch. Nothing comes close to the thrill of deciding who lives and who dies, and that’s exactly what you get to do as the resident Support hero in your Overwatch six stack.

Whether you play Mercy or Ana or Baptiste, you're bound to be the most impactful player on your team purely by virtue of saving your teammates way more than they'd ever admit.

Support players have been some of the most consistent and skilful to ever grace the top level of the game in the Overwatch League, too! If you haven’t watched LeeJaeGon run house with Brigitte and Lucio or JJoNak out kill his DPS teammates with Zenyatta then you haven’t truly lived.


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