Unlike cars, you can't ride Fortnite's velociraptors.

19:30, 04 Apr 2021

Fortnite introduced a new update to Chapter 2 Season 6 on March 30. After giving players several weeks to get adjusted on the new island, Epic Games decided it was time to hatch the raptor eggs that had been placed around the island.

What ensued was incredible - players rushing to the game to get a fresh look at the new predators. Many were excited for the prospect of another rideable mount, such as when the Joyride Update brought cars back in Chapter 2 Season 3. 

As cool as the raptors were, however, there was one fatal problem that many players noticed right off the bat - raptors weren't rideable. Raptors could attack the player, sometimes even teaming up in pairs to take down small groups; however, there was no way to ride them. 

Of course, people took to Twitter to ask if anyone else was experiencing the same issue. Many were unsure if it was a problem with the game or if raptors were not meant to be ridden at all. A few hours after the update rolled out, the answer was abundantly clear: raptors weren't devised as mounts; they were invented as obstacles.

It makes sense - the title of this Season is 'Primal', and most of the animals players have to avoid are merely obstacles, not mounts. The wolves and boars that also target players in this chapter are known to attack players, but they cannot be ridden either. 

These other animals are a source of precious materials for the player, which can later allow them to upgrade their weapons or items to their Primal variants. 

Like wolves, raptors can be tamed. In order to tame a raptor, a player should have a Hunter's Cloak equipped. With the cloak, they can sneak up on the raptor and tame it in the split second it is distracted. After the player has tamed the raptor, they have a personal bodyguard for the rest of the match.

This taming feature is extremely beneficial, especially in late-game when the match becomes close-combat. While it might not help players quickly outpace the storm or get around the map, taming a raptor is a huge benefit that shouldn't be overlooked.

Of course, many were upset that the raptor was simply another animal for them to tame. After all, they already had the option with boars and wolves. People took to social media to voice their concerns about the overall gameplay, primarily speaking out on Epic Games' official tweets regarding the update.

Many people were concerned with the direction of the rest of Season 6. With raptors functioning similarly to the other enemies in the game, many were worried that the game was going to stagnate hard until the beginning of Season 7. 


This was a common complaint in early Fortnite seasons, most notably Chapter 2 Season 2, which was extended numerous times due to Season 3's scale. For several months, the Season 2 map didn't change too much, leaving players restless and upset. 

Players are worried that if Season 6 continues at this pace, the game will stagnate hard. This fear is why they were so excited for the release of raptors into the game. Since many were expecting raptors to serve as rideable mounts, they felt that Season 6 would top even Chapter 3's Joyride Update.

Unfortunately, the raptor release didn't top the massive Joyride Update, since raptors couldn't be ridden around the map. Many players thought that this was the perfect chance for Epic Games to introduce alternate fast-travel methods around the map. With raptors being so lithe and quick, they would have been an excellent alternative to cars. Perhaps the developers thought this addition would make fast travel too unbalanced in Fortnite, or they could have a different mount idea in mind entirely.

Whatever the reason, people are upset that the Fortnite raptors' potential was seemingly wasted in this long-anticipated update. Players had gotten hyped up when they saw the raptor eggs at the beginning of the season; now they think that the buildup was all for nothing.

It might not be too late for an animal to be rideable in-game, however. There is still a lot of Season 6 left to go, and with it, Epic Games could bring surprising new updates or rides around the map. Players are just thankful that cars are still an option to get around. With increased predation on Fortnite's island, having fast transportation is more than necessary for a player to survive. 

Players are hoping that Epic Games ends up adding a rideable animal in later updates to the game, but most aren't holding their breath. Many fans are just happy that raptors can be tamed, as they are a valuable asset to any group or solo player. While the general consensus is that the developers could have done more with the raptors, many people seem appreciative that they at least have protective qualities if tamed. 

Until the next update, players will continue to tame and experiment with the animals and their mechanics. With boars, wolves, and now raptors at their disposal, players have more opportunities than ever to make gameplay both fierce and fun. 

Images via Epic Games

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