Here is a look at all the five candidates.

17:30, 13 Jan 2021

League of Legends has been introducing new champions since the first season of the game, and keeps the gameplay fresh for existing players. New champions typically introduce new mechanics and diversify the game for new and old players alike. However, one would expect that since the Riot Games title has been out for more than ten years now, some champions might feel too dull to play. 

Keeping that in mind, the developers have introduced new champions to keep the game exciting for the players and reworking old champions to keep them relevant for the game's current meta. These changes include ability reworks, entire visual revamps, and sometimes tweaking the lore of the champion as well. Most of these rework changes in the past were decided by the low play-rate of the champions, low purchase rate of the cosmetics of the particular champs, and more. 

Champions like Mordekaiser, Volibear, and Fiddlesticks have received reworks in the past, increasing these champions' play-rates and giving them new identities. Riot Games brilliantly did these champion’s reworks, as their true essence was preserved in each of the situations. Fiddlesticks still has a dangerous personality with his fundamental abilities, and Volibear looks like a demi-god after the rework with lighting on his abilities. Mordekaiser, just as his lore suggests, takes enemies to the death chamber and has become an excellent duelling champion.

However, now the developers are up for another challenge after the last year, and picked up five potential champions who could be reworked and shaped into a better version of themselves in the game. Here is a look at all the five champions who are up for voting for a complete champion rework for 2021 and who you should vote for this year.


1 Udyr

Image via Riot Games

Taking up the first slot on the list is Udyr, the spirit walker. He is one of the unique champions present in the game. Unlike other champions, Udyr can level up his abilities to deal different auto-attack effects to the champions, and he still feels fresh to the game. However, the mere visual look of Udyr is lacklustre, and Riot’s current standard of designing should give him a visual revamp to bring out the different stances of the champion. Moreover, his abilities shouldn’t be changed much as they are very different to other champions in the game, and it might make him a linear champion, which would be disliked by many Udyr Mains on the turf.

2 Nocturne

Image via Riot Games

The living nightmare, Nocturne, is up for potential reworking as well. Riot mentioned that newer players of the game often pick the champion. However, they drop him soon after. Therefore, his kit needs to be redesigned completely to feel in better synergy with his ultimate ability. His current kit feels very mundane and straightforward, where players spam buttons to get kills with him after using his ultimate. Abilities compromising fearful abilities might include stealth or something along those lines, to supplement him with the terrorising look that he is famous for in League of Legends.

3 Shyvana

Image via Riot Games

Shyvana is an impressive champion; however, she could use a visual makeover and have a dragon-themed outfit that heavily connects her to the lore. Her abilities are average, but her dragon ultimate shape-shifting ability is underrated; therefore, her abilities could use some complexity, which would make her much more unpredictable than her present self on the rift.

4 Quinn

Images via Riot Games

Quinn, the Demacian scout with Valor, has been a unique champion; however, her abilities and ultimate feel monotonous. Her passive is excellent, except that her kit needs to be reworked and formed into a scout-style ranger playstyle. Riot already stated their intentions with her, as her abilities would be revamped, and her trusty Valor would assist her in the battles that she fights. Without Valor, Quinn is just another character in the League of Legends Universe, and the bird forms a crucial part of her kit in the game.

5 Skarner

Images via Riot Games

Skarner has seen one of the lowest play-rates in League of Legends, which is worrying. His kit feels very hard to master, and his passive seems very unnecessary and not rewarding to the players. Moreover, his kit has a bit of everything, but it falls short in too many jungle counters. The only fun ability of Skarner is his ultimate ability, which helps him drag people and serves as an anti-dive and great engage ability. Therefore, while reworking this champion, everything needs to be revamped except the ultimate ability.


Players can cast their votes for these champions until January 19, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. PT, and have their fingers crossed for the results. The voting can be done in the League of Legends’ in-game client.



Images via Riot Games

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