There will be four maps available to play on release.

12:00, 11 Mar 2020

We’ve seen lots of Valorant gameplay previews over the last week that are hyping up fans worldwide for Riot Games upcoming release. But what other game modes will be available?


In an interview with game designer Trevor Rolemski for Nordic IGN, we find out the game will launch with the classic Search and Destroy game mode initially. He went on to confirm that the developers are “completely open to exploring new modes post-launch [but] for now we have this experience that we really want to craft and make sure that it is as good as it can be.”


As for the maps, the Valorant team focused on unique design to make each fight memorable and will be playable over four different maps on release. So far, in gameplay videos from the playtesters, we’ve seen games played on maps named Bind and Haven.

Salvatore “Volcano” Garozzo is one of the map overseers for Valorant, and is known for being the creator of several maps in Counter-Strike, including Cache, as well as pro player himself (for Team 3D and Dynamic). In the IGN Nordic interview, he shared his insights on the tactical strategies that will be able to be implemented in both maps we’ve seen so far; “I played on Bind and Haven. Bind has no ‘mid’ but you need to use teleporters to rotate. You are even able to use the abilities of agents through these teleporters. Haven is the exact opposite. Mid is an extra bombsite so attackers have the option of planting the SP-1K3 (the bomb in Valorant) at A, B or C.”

We can’t wait to play on all four maps when Valorant releases in Summer 2020 and get a closer look at the gameplay when the closed beta footage becomes public.

Images via Riot Games

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