Apex Legends could receive a new map in Season 6 - so which current one should be replaced?

19:00, 04 Aug 2020

Apex Legends will be releasing its sixth season later this month around August 18. Respawn Entertainment hasn’t set a concrete date yet, as that will come in the form of an official announcement closer to launch. However, that doesn’t mean a fair share of leaks about Season 6 haven't already arisen. We know about the potential legend Rampart as well as some weapons that could enter the fold. Though, perhaps the biggest of these rumours is the addition of a new map, Olympus. Set on the planet Psamathe, Olympus is a metropolis high in the clouds and filled with giant skyscrapers. Of course, its arrival isn’t confirmed, but many believe it will happen. If it does, one of the current Apex Legends maps could be on the way out. Which one should it be?

Looking at Kings Canyon and World’s Edge

For the sake of this argument, we’re going to assume Respawn only plans to keep two maps in the rotation. So, if a new one arrives, then a current map will be forced to bow out of the rotation and possibly come back for a Limited-Time Mode. Obviously, there are only two maps that could be on the way out, being Kings Canyon and World’s Edge

Neither map really holds any true advantage within the community, which is why this is such a tough argument. Kings Canyon holds the nostalgia feeling, which is why it was re-introduced in Season 4. However, World’s Edge is widely agreed to be a better overall map in terms of design, loot, and flow. 

Naturally, choosing between the two is a difficult choice, as both bring something unique to the table. Although, if we had to pick, World’s Edge is likely a better candidate to stay in the rotation than Kings Canyon if Olympus comes along and kicks a map to the curb. Kings Canyon has simply had more time in the limelight, as it’s been involved in nearly every season of Apex Legends

Aside from that though, Kings Canyon is known to have subpar loot compared to World’s Edge. This makes matches stalemate at certain times due to half of the lobby still looking for suitable armour or weapons. While the map changes in Season 5 were an improvement, they still didn’t do enough to overtake the design of World’s Edge. For the most part, Kings Canyon has the same desert aesthetic with no real verticality, except for a few locations. 

Which Apex Legends Map Should Be Replaced If Olympus Releases

With World’s Edge, some multiple different biomes and areas feel truly unique to other locations on the map. From The Dome’s fiery lava to the greenery in the northern part of the map to the icy grounds of The Epicenter, each section of the map feels different. This results in a wider array of player landings and a heftier distribution of loot. Not to mention, the different areas allow for more styles of gameplay. You can play passively with Wattson’s fences in a Fragment skyscraper or test your enemy’s awareness in Sorting Factory. 

While Kings Canyon does offer some of the same benefits, it doesn’t do as much as World’s Edge. Pair that with the fact that Kings Canyon has been around for so long, and it seems likely that Respawn would favour World’s Edge if Olympus does arrive in Season 6 of Apex Legends.


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