Having been teased within the opening trailer and players having been in the actual lobbies, but when is it being released?

21:00, 13 Feb 2020

As of right now, there’s little doubt as to if Modern Warfare will feature a battle royale mode. We’ve seen in-game images of players in the actual lobby of battle royale. Named “Warzone”, the mode has already had a substantial amount of details leaked about it. From the map to the create-a-class options, very little is being left unsaid by sources. However, one aspect that is not for sure, is the release date for the mode. 

Estimating the date and time for Warzone 

Of course, we have no concrete or official sources on any of the battle royale details. Infinity Ward has yet to confirm any of the information. Although, they did tease the mode quite heavily in their Season Two cinematic trailer. 

Nonetheless, we feel there’s a 99.9% chance that a battle royale comes to Modern Warfare. When that will be is another story. Some leaks suggested that yesterday night or even today would introduce Warzone. Though, the chances of that happening are quite slim. 

So, if not today, then when? Well, the foremost authority of Modern Warfare, TheGamingRevolution, has stated that he believes Friday is the best guess for a Warzone release date. 

This is not anything official, as TheGamingRevolution only has unnamed sources supposedly close to Infinity Ward. However, the sources have correctly leaked multiple pieces of information regarding both Modern Warfare and Warzone. 

Although, as TheGamingRevolution mentions in his tweet, even he’s not sure of the release date. All we have to go on is a source that is saying Warzone is arriving soon. If it doesn’t end up releasing Friday, we feel that next Tuesday is a safe bet. Infinity Ward launches all of their updates and content on Tuesday’s so this would make sense. 

Image via Activision. 

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