New Pokemon Snap is finally here - but how exactly do you complete it?

10:40, 04 May 2021

After 22 years of waiting, a new Pokemon Snap experience is finally here! New Pokemon Snap is now on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s a grand return to the classic gameplay of the original spin-off with a few additional quirks. Your dreams of taking pics of the cutest creatures in the Lental region are finally about to come true.

While many will just want to jump in and have a relaxing drive around the gorgeous new region, of course, some will be immediately strapping on their completionist hats and going for the gold straight out of the gate.

So that begs the question; how exactly do you beat New Pokemon Snap?


How Do I Beat New Pokemon Snap?

Similarly to the original game, the objective of New Pokemon Snap is to grab the best photos you possibly can of the Pokemon that the Lental Region has to offer. Your photos will be rated with a stars system, with the potential to nab up to four stars for bonus points on your photos.

In order to “complete” New Pokemon Snap and finish up your Photodex, you’ll need to secure a one, two, three, and four-star photo of all 200 Pokemon in the game. That comes to 800 photos total, so you’ve got plenty of snapping to crack on with!

How Do I Take The Best Pictures in New Pokemon Snap?

How Do I Take The Best Pictures in New Pokemon Snap?

While the stars might be the leading way to categorise your fancy snaps, there are a few other systems to keep an eye out for to ensure your photos are the best they can be. You’ll get a star based on how rare the behaviour the Pokemon you’ve photographed is exhibiting, and the quality of the photo itself will deem how many stars your photo will receive overall. These four ratings are stars in bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. To get the all-important diamond rating you’ll need a score of 4,000 or more, so it’ll have to be a corker of a photo.


Eventually, you’ll be able to use fluffruit to coax Pokemon out of hiding, so those rarer snaps won’t be so hard to attain. Plus, you'll be able to play music as you pass Pokemon, making them do a cute little dance or exhibit new behaviours that'll earn you some bonus points if you can capture the moment right!


The point of New Pokemon Snap might not be angled towards the completionist frame of mind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t power through it if you fancy. But overall, we’d recommend taking your time with the game. New Pokemon Snap is the Nintendo Switch’s best chill-out game since Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and the game’s best asset is its unrivalled vibes. Sit back, relax, and snap away!

Images via Nintendo

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