Access Cards can now be found in Warzone, but what do they do?

18:15, 29 Apr 2020

In recent Call of Duty News, an update that came this morning in which players can now find many new items around Verdansk. In addition to a new armour satchel that means you can carry eight armour plates, the Most Wanted Contract, and the ability to drop weapons for your teammates, players have been finding a legendary ‘Access Card’ on the floor. But what does the Access Card do in Warzone?

The Access Card currently has no purpose. Quite anti-climatic in truth. However, it is clear that the Warzone Access Card has been introduced for a reason and will be useful with future updates.


The Warzone Access Card will most likely be used to gain access into the mysterious bunkers that are located around the map. What remains within the bunkers adds a further element of scepticism, but many players have suggested it will be an area which will have legendary loot inside, like the vaults that can be found in Apex Legends.

The bunkers across the map say ‘press a button to enter code’ but no code works, which would infer that these new Warzone Access Cards will grant you access. If this speculation is right, it will become the first adjustment to the map itself.

It is not yet clear on when the Access Cards will have a use in Warzone, but there is due to be an update in the coming days which will be reducing the power of RPG’s and Akimbo Snake-shot .357’s, which could include the use of the Access Cards. It won't be long before we find out the answer to 'what does the Access Card do in Warzone?'.

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Image via Activision

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