The WePlay! Invitational delivered possibly the best series in VALORANT yet

20:35, 18 Jul 2020

A great fourth day of the WePlay! VALORANT Invitational concluded with the Brits from Fish123 and G2 Esports moving on to the finals. The semi-final between Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) and Fish123 will likely go down in VALORANT history as one of the first classic matches in this young esports. Over three maps, the teams didn't give each other an inch and took it to a thrilling quadruple overtime on the last maps with a breathtaking amount of individual highlights coming out from both sides. A definitive recommendation to catch the VOD goes out to those who have missed it.  

Fish123 vs Ninjas in Pyjamas (2-1)

Map 1: Haven (9-13)
Map 2: Bind (13-5)
Map 3: Ascent (17-15)
VOD link

The dramatic twists and turns in this series took were incredible. Virtually every player on the server pulled their weight, best illustrated by the fact that everyone scored over 40 kills in the series and nobody really ran away with the match individually. An unbelievable amount of huge multi-kill rounds marked the series, with mindblowing round conclusions. For additional dramatic effect, we recommend watching ScreaM's point of view alongside the mainstream.

G2 Esports vs need more DM (2-0)

Map 1: Bind (13-3)
Map 2: Ascent (13-7)
VOD link

The second semi-final turned into a display of G2 Esports dominance, with need more DM finding barely any ways to get into the game. G2 barely broke a sweat and finished it convincingly in two maps, with paTiTek taking over on Bind with a score of 26-8-2 and mixwell spear-heading the charge on Ascent with 27-12-5.

Fish123 and G2 Esports will meet in the final tomorrow at 5pm (BST) / 6pm CEST.

GGRecon will continue covering the WePlay! VALORANT Invitational. 

Images via WePlay! and Riot Games

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