A great day of competition brought the appetite for this weekend's playoffs

20:54, 17 Jul 2020

The schedule promised great games and those it delivered! The unfortunate losers of those draws was PartyParrots, who only narrowly lost to fish123 and proved this weekend that they can play every top team in Europe close. The fight for the best team in Europe continues tomorrow and on Sunday with a stacked playoff bracket.

nolpenki vs need more DM (0-2)

Map 1: Haven (10-13)
Map 2: Bind (5-13)
VOD link

bzt is a certified monster. With 47 Kills, 20 Death and 6 Assists he carried need more DM against an impressive nolpenki. Both open qualifier teams proved that they deserved to be there, though only need more DM will move into the playoff bracket. 

fish123 vs PartyParrots (2-1)

Map 1: Haven (10-13)
Map 2: Split (13-9)
Map 3: Ascent (13-6)
VOD link

In a way, it is heartbreaking that only one of those two teams could make it to the next round. PartyParrots got very close to beating G2 on day 1 and again made fish123 work for it today. Both Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom (+23) and Andrey "Shao" Kiprsky (+12) went neck and neck throughout the series. If you weren't able to catch this live, it's definitely a series worth catching the VOD of.

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs G2 Esports (1-2)

Map 1: Bind (13-8)
Map 2: Ascent (5-13)
Map 3: Split (8-13)
VOD link

An amazing match in which David "davidp" Prins made a strong case to be picked up as the last member for G2 Esports. On Ascent alone he went +20 at 29 Kills while the second player on the scoreboard was Oscar "mixwell" Cañellas Colocho with 13 eliminations. The game went back and forth with G2 Esports finally clutching it out in the end.

GGRecon will continue to provide coverage on the WePlay! Invitational.

Images via Riot Games and WePlay!

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