We're going to need a bigger middle finger emoji.

11:12, 14 Apr 2021

Evolution may be beyond the knowledge of the stereotypical "gamer" portrayed by the wider media. With an overhanging belly, receding hairline, and sweat patches adding a shining glint below the sagged eyelids, the image of a gamer has never been further from the truth. In reality, gamers are just as educated and physically apt as many other people in different industries.

As evolution seems to take its course on a range of people, scientists have predicted that the human race will adapt to its surroundings and hobbies, just as the Neanderthals did. Scientists have gone as far as to predict that people could develop gills to help breathe underwater as global warming poses a threat to civilisation in many generations' times. 

However, for gamers, it appears that we're just getting longer fingers, to help us crank nineties on Fortnite and build a wicked trigger finger. According to Slotwise and a group of scientists, the hand of a gamer will evolve to have an extended index and middle finger whilst their ring finger will shrink almost to the size of a little finger.


They have predicted that the use of controllers will stretch our muscles, especially at the elite level. With an emphasis on using the back triggers and a need to quickly switch buttons, the extended fingers that we will begin to grow will help towards comfortability and performance. 


Some esports fanatics have begun adopting different ways of holding a controller to adapt to the strain of having so many buttons to press. For example, Ayden "Aydan" Conrad adopted a claw grip during his time competing on Fortnite to assist in building techniques without hurting his hands. This adaptation could give the scientists predictions one of them very long middle fingers.


The scientists failed to give a time frame on this evolution, although when 11% of 18-25-year-olds play games for more than 20 hours a week, it could be something we start seeing in our kids and grandkids. 


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Image via Slotwise

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