A look at the possible weapon modding system coming to Fortnite.

20:00, 26 Jan 2021

Fortnite has come a long way from being a traditional battle royale game, to becoming an ever-expanding platform. It has evolved into a better version of itself and added a ton of new features for the players. The game became very famous at an early stage because young gamers found the visuals appealing, and the mechanics were unique and easy to understand.

The game’s foundation was so strong that even when the developers started experimenting with new weapons, broken mythical weapons/abilities, and more, players never seem to get bored of the latest additions to the game. Many players complain about various elements in the game which are frequently changed by the developers based on the feedback.

It seems like Epic Games is taking another big experiment by allegedly bringing ‘weapon modding’ into the game, as leaked by HYPEX, one of the biggest leakers in the Fortnite community.  


Weapon modding is the ability to add attachments, scopes, or abilities to the existing pool of weapons, to make them more potent. Battle royale based games like PUBG or Apex Legends already have this system, that allows players to collect attachments and weapons from the floor and fuse them to upgrade the weapon's quality. On the other hand, Fortnite has always relied on the rarity system, which is way less complicated than the attachment system.

While these weapon modding features will undoubtedly make things harder for the players, it should be a worthwhile investment to re-innovate some features around this idea. They could put a rarity system on the attachments to be quickly identified for the players. Moreover, using this weapon modding system might not work in the game, as many players love the simplicity, and some feel that would be ruined if this ever makes its way into Fortnite.


However, in Fortnite: Save the World, players have a perks system attached to the weapon which grants them elemental strengths, such as fire or nature. Something along those lines would be an exciting addition to the game and diversify the game for a season or two. Moreover, Spellbreak already has a well-established elemental system which could be used as a source of inspiration for the developers.

What makes a weapon "MODDED" or "LEGACY?" Can someone explain me that? from r/FORTnITE


The gameplay would take a wild turn with these new additions, and Fortnite players always love a challenge. These changes would make the game very technical, and many players will have to focus on looting, which might make the gameplay boring to some extent in the early safe zones. In order to avoid this problem, the developers could go for a subtle approach to the rarity attachment system, which doesn't force the players to change their present play style. 

Moreover, the developers would have to sort many things out before implementing this; like the loot-dropping after eliminating an enemy, which would be messy with the new attachments. Therefore, Epic Games have to invest a lot of time answering these vital questions before making a change to the game. This weapon modding feature could also be a creative tool, and it could be enabled in custom matches to play the game with a whole new perspective.


As of now, there is no news from Epic Games about this feature. But with the recent modding announcements made by the developers, it could be coming in very soon for all the players.


Images via Epic Games

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