Watch The First Eight Minutes Of Saints Row Gameplay

Watch The First Eight Minutes Of Saints Row Gameplay
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21st Oct 2021 11:13

We've been waiting to see some Saints Row gameplay ever since the open-world reboot was announced earlier this year and finally, we've caught a glimpse of the action in detail.

It's been more than eight years since Saints Rowlaunched, and we got to whack civilians in the street with massive purple dildos, so we're long overdue the wild and wacky Saints Row gameplay we've all come to know and love. We saw a video shortly after the reveal with some gameplay snippets, but nothing quite as detailed as this.

Saints Row Gameplay Reveal

Thanks to the above video from Game Informer however, we've seen eight minutes from the opening missions of the game. It kicks off with the character talking to Neenah, who's working on a car, before, sprinting over to a beat-up yellow sports car and driving with an envoy to "hit the Payday Loan place". A police chase ensues, followed by some gun-based combat and another police chase, this time on a motorbike.

We also get to see a huge bar brawl during the Idol Threat mission, with some meaty hand-to-hand combat on show. The player locks on to enemies in a way reminiscent of the Batman Arkham or Spider-Man games, albeit with less superhero vibes. Shortly after, we also get a look at some wingsuit action... okay, maybe this is a superhero game after all.

The most striking aspect of this Saints Row gameplay is how vibrant and colourful the world looks. Everything from the environments to the UI is bold and bright, including some seriously gorgeous rainbow effects whenever an enemy you kill drops some loot.

Of course, the video does state that this is pre-alpha footage and is still in development, so there's a chance everything could change before the February 25 release date, but it looks like the game is well on its way to completion. The only issue is that Elden Ring recently got delayed to the same date, so Saints Row may well get pushed back further to avoid the competition.


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