With the help of the SBMM Warzone App, the Duos vs Trios Warzone World Record has been called into question.

15:25, 11 Jan 2021

Alongside an almost unbearable meta for casual lobbies, the competitive side of Warzone has recently been thrown a colossal curveball, with the development of a Companion App which reveals the kill to death ratio of players within a single game. The app reveals the median and mean averages of all 150 players in a Warzone game and reveals where your individual stats rank amongst them.

Whilst the app was received with praise allowing casuals to realise the standard at which they're playing and realising areas for improvement, the more advanced players have ridiculed it, splitting the fanbase down the esports creek. The app can be used to assist in reverse skill-based matchmaking, with players leaving lobbies with high K/D's in favour of "bot lobbies".

Fuel has quickly been added to the fire too, with the Warzone duos vs trios world record being demolished. YouTube stars "SuperEvan" and "Newbz" seemingly smashed the record out of the park, racking up a whopping 107 eliminations. 

However, the validation of the record was instantly questioned, and with the help of the Companion App, it was completely besmirched. The record was found to be broken in a lobby that ranks within the bottom 1% of players, with an average K/D of 0.64 and a median of 0.52 - one-tenth of the ratios that each player held. 

twitter.com Image via SBMM Warzone

The app shows that the difficulty of players in the lobby was "Bronze 5", the bottom tier of players, presumably those who are brand new to the game, highlighting a major problem with reverse skill-based matchmaking.


Despite the "bot lobby", the record still stands, although players are marking it down with an asterisk. Each of the previous world records has also been called into question now too, further developing the fight against SBMM and reiterating that Warzone faces a huge competitive hurdle to jump over. 


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Image via Activision

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