Fresh dataminer leaks hint that a new Warzone winter map could be coming to Call of Duty.

13:57, 19 Oct 2020

You'd better wrap up warm and get ready for a cold snap if the latest Call of Duty: Warzone rumours are to be believed. While all eyes are on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's upcoming release, that doesn't mean we should forget about Warzone. 

Despite only having been out for seven months, Warzone is going from strength to strength and has continued to prove it has a lot to offer with the likes of its huge Season 6 update. With Cold War just around the corner, it has obviously raised questions about what's going to happen to Warzone, but rest assured, this is far from the end of the battle royale brawler.

Just like Season 6 added four new maps to contend with the classic Verdansk, the latest leaks suggest a blanket of snow will soon be descending on the land of Kastovia and bring a winter wonderland to our consoles and PC.


Call of Duty Warzone Winter Map

Over on ResetEra, Call of Duty dataminers have collated the leaks and showcased a whole host of footage that appears to show some snowy climes. According to the file names, the potential maps could be called Duga, Forest, Russia, and Ski Slopes. In particular, Ski Slopes sounds like an interesting twist to the tale. Let's remember the fan-favourite Summit map that featured in the OG Black Ops and was teased for a return in Cold War

Elsewhere, the name "Duga" should pique your interest because it was the name of a missile warning system used by the Soviets from 1976 to 1989. Two Duga radars were deployed near Chernobyl and in Eastern Siberia, suggesting a fictional third one will appear somewhere in Verdansk. It's interesting to note a lot of details were leaked months ago by YouTuber XclusiveAce - who has now put their original video to private. 

It marries up with the upcoming union between Cold War and Warzone. While Cold War will have its own supersized multiplayer, Warzone's beloved battle royale legacy is set to carry on. Treyarch has been working closely with Infinity Ward and Raven Software to integrate the two titles.


Whatever is going on, it looks like each season of Warzone is getting bigger and bigger. Of the four new maps added with Season 6, the biggest change was the introduction of an underground subway system. This is tiny compared to what the likes of Duga and Ski Slopes could mean for Warzone.


Everything needs to be taken with a large pinch of salt for now. However, with Activision having mastered how to market Warzone through YouTubers and influencers, we're expecting there will be a cryptic breadcrumb trail leading up to a full reveal. Either way, make sure you've packed a pair of gloves and a scarf, it's suddenly gone a little chilly.



Images via Activision 

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