Solo mode on Warzone was recently replaced with Stimulus Solos, but which mode is better?

18:00, 17 May 2020

In recent Call of Duty news, Stimulus Solos replaced the standard Solos mode in Warzone. Solos, which was the first variant of the battle royale mode to be introduced, has been a success with many streamers unofficially competing against each other to set kill records. Call of Duty heavyweights such as Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has been setting themselves challenges to get a solo win by landing in every location on the map, showing the variety that Warzone can offer in gameplay. However, Solos mode has undergone a change which has seen it be renamed to Stimulus Solos, and it has gone down a treat.

What is the difference between solos and stimulus solos?

The main difference between the two is that Stimulus Solos removed the opportunity of heading to the Gulag. A surprising decision as the Gulag has become so popular in Warzone so far, however, it limited solo players to just 2 lives, which considering the lack of defence in Warzone compared to Fortnite, for example, has been one of its only criticisms.

Fortnite became a popular battle royale due to may factors, with the ability to build walls and ramps to use as cover from advancing artillery being one. Whereas in Warzone, many players like to sit on rooftops and in the attic of buildings with snipers and RPG’s which can inflict a one-shot kill and ending your game immediately if you lose in the Gulag. Not having the ability to create cover has seen players’ games ended after a single bullet, even if they have racked up 30 kills in the process. This is where Stimulus Solos differ, not with the ability to build, but with the ability to have more lives.

Instead of being sent to the Gulag after being killed, you will be respawned instantly, if you have enough cash. With your life valued at the standard figure of $4,500, if you have more cash than that when you die you will be redeployed from the air with your pistol. You will also start with enough money to be bought back once, so if you lose the opening encounter, you can spawn back in pretty quickly.

Why is Stimulus Solos better?

The new layout has gone down well with content creators and players in general, as it gives a larger threshold for errors, meaning that you don’t have to be *as* scared of those attic RPG campers.

Obviously, this does not create a fully gung-ho lobby, as you will lose all of your guns, ammo and equipment when you die, which means rebuilding can be extremely hard unless you can redeploy back on your weapons, however, it does give you a better chance at redemption.

Redeployment it rather cheap, and you will see yourself looking to invest in real estate in Verdansk with the amount of money you will rack up. Unless you have been eliminated, you will never struggle for cash, with most players dropping bundles after you kill them, and loot boxes having an increased amount of cash compared to the previous style of solos.

It also means you can take out many more players and rack up higher kill games. Although the kill record still lies with YouTuber ‘Risible’, with 39, which was achieved in the old style, it is likely to be broken with the introduction of Stimulus Solos. With players having more than one lifeline, it is common for them to give less regard to their life and play aggressively in open areas, you can pick players off easily. Players will also respawn more often meaning that more than 50% of players will be returning, such as they do from the Gulag. With the addition of the CoD Commander’s audio line ‘There’s an enemy landing in your AO’ you will notice many more players returning from the sky, optimising the number of kills you can get in one game. This does also have the reverse effect…

Why is Stimulus Solos Worse?

… There are so many more people to kill you. With people returning from the dead over and over again, you can see people flying around your location all the time. It will be common that once you get a kill that someone will be flying in with his pistol and two armour plates to finish you off and swoop the loot.

With this many people landing back in towards their loot, it has also created a whole new type of camper. Loot campers. Using somebodies dropped weapons and ammo as bait to attract players looking to rebuild, or simply find a better gun, some players are often looming around like a venus fly trap. The second you land they will snap on you with an array of bullets from their silenced Grau or bombard you with C4’s and RPG’s. Whilst these players should be sent to Satan, they cannot be punished for luring you in, so you’ll have to be super careful when picking up loot from the ground.

Ultimately, Stimulus solos allows for a hectic and aggressive solos experience, which can be very entertaining, just make sure to get looted up quickly and don’t fall for the campers.

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Image via Activision.

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