Now we have had a week to get to grips with Warzone, here’s what the Battle-Royale players love and what has been called for to change.

12:00, 17 Mar 2020

Call of Duty: Warzone launched on March 10th, and has been an instant success, with over 15 million players entering Verdansk on the first day. Now we have had a week to get to grips with the 150 player Battle-Royale mode, here’s what the players love and what they are asking to be changed.

Love – The Map

Verdansk was speculated to be loosely set on the landscape of Donetsk (Ukraine), and you can see why. Ranging from close quarters cities to mountain ranges ideal for sniping, Verdansk has a very Eastern-European feel to it. The blend of both open rural space and multiple-floor city buildings offers a perfect mixture suitable for long-distance marksmen & sniper rifle battles, and close combat sweeping and breaching. These combine to create the well-rounded Battle Royale experience that we had all been hoping for.

Change – Audio, Gunshots & Footsteps 

With Verdansk being so large, players have felt the audio elements have hindered their performance. Players have been able to hear gunshots which sound like they are very close, when in fact they are from long distances away. This has led to some players seeking out these fights. However, it has also meant that some players have been reluctant to move from their safe spots, creating a lot of camping. In addition to this, players have complained that whilst the gunshots are deafening, opponents are incredibly hard to hear, even without Dead Silence, meaning that teams are being snuck up on, and wiped out, without any audio recognition. 

Love – Loadout Customisation

Arguably the most welcomed attribute of Warzone has been the option to purchase loadouts. As you may have seen, cash can be collected and therefore spent at various Buy Stations around the map. One thing that can be purchased is a Loadout Drop, which allows you to access your own pre-made loadout. This has meant that players can take their favourite guns and attachments into battle. This has created interesting strategical battles, where loadouts at the start may be long-range weapons, and in later stages see the beloved MP7 being purchased. 

Change – Thermal Sights

With pre-made loadouts being so popular, this has seen many players adopt thermal snipers, which have proven to be somewhat overpowered. Players have noticed that the thermal sight gives you an advantage with rifles by noticing players hiding whilst the storm surges in. Many players have called for the thermal sights to be banned to make for a more competitive endgame. 

Love - The Gulag

Players have also loved The Gulag. This aspect of Warzone gives you the opportunity to earn your way back to the battleground once you have been eliminated. By pitting eliminated players against each other in a 1v1 gunfight, the victor will be returned to the arena to carry on the quest to be the last team standing. The loser can still be purchased back by their teammates (for $4500 cash), but this feature gives players the chance to come back from the dead without the need to spend hard-earned money. 

Image via Activison

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