It's 'Beary' convincing.

12:56, 13 Apr 2021

The words on everyone lips at the moment are "what's next for Warzone?", with the inevitable emancipation of Verdansk as we know it. 

What we know for sure is that Warzone is getting nuked and Verdansk is changing forever come to the end of March. With atomic bombs on their way, rumours, leaks, and theories have surfaced, splitting brains down the middle. On the one hand, players think we're still going to see the "cancelled" Ural Mountains map come into play, whilst the other more substantial explanation is that we're being whisked back in time to the 1980s version of Verdansk.

The latter proposition has been met with some slight backlash, with fans growing bored of Verdansk and hoping that the developers behind 100s of maps in Call of Duty's 17-year tenure will be capable of bringing in new content. However, it does seem that Verdansk is here to start in hippie disco-centric fashion, backed up by this latest implementation to the current game.

Reddit user "ArabNinja1233" has found that since the latest patch, some minor changes have been made to Superstore which hints at its existence in the 1980s.

Now that I started re playing plunder I took notice of the detail changes in superstore from r/CODWarzone

The subtle yet blatantly obvious signs hide in plain sight and are decorated with advertisements from the 1980s including a mimick of Misha the Bear. The furry tree hugger was the official mascot of the 1980s Olympic Games which were held in Moscow, Russia.


It may not be a full confirmation towards the 1980s Verdansk remake, but it certainly adds fuel to the fire which is already burning the fuse of the pending atomic bombs. 


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Image via Activision

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