With more enemies comes fiercer competition, here's our guide to stay frosty in 200 man quads.

17:45, 06 Jul 2020

In the recent Modern Warfare Season 4 Reloaded update, Quads mode was replaced by 200-man Quads, increasing the number of enemies by fifty. With an increase in players across Verdansk, it’s likely that you’ll come across more players and more confrontations. In a winner takes all battle royale, you need to keep up to speed with the playing styles, and we’ve got you covered if you’re struggling. Here’s our Call of Duty tips to get wins in 200-man Warzone Quads.

#1 – Loadouts

Get your loadout in as soon as possible and try and call them in where the red smoke isn’t visible. Acquiring your loadouts will be key as you will have more gunfights than normal, and when armour is limited, you’ll want to shred opponents rather than be left one-shot trying to beam with a grey AK47. Having a mixture of weapons in your loadouts will go a long way too. Having at least one sniper, and a mixture of Assault Rifles, SMGs and explosives will be key to be ready for any type of confrontations. Monolithic Suppressor is key to make sure you don’t attract third parties.


#2 – Contracts

Unless you land in a remote area, stay clear of Recons. Their brilliance lies in their revealing of the gas’ movement; however, they reveal your location to pretty much everybody in your area. The bright yellow star in the sky screams ‘come and kill me’, so unless you know that there is nobody in your area, and you have a quick getaway, these aren’t recommended. Bounties and Scavengers are a different story here. They offer a truckload of cash upon completion, and if you complete them with your whole squad alive, the rewards are great. Doing multiple of these will only increase your rewards too. Cash is a huge factor in 200 man quads, making sure you have enough money for loadouts, killstreaks and to buy back fallen teammates will bode well in your favour. Contracts are a quick way of getting these. This takes us onto the next tip...

#3 – UAVs

UAVs are crucial. If you can get your hands on one in the early game, you can identify teams in the surrounding areas, giving you the best chance to win those opening encounters. Heartbeat sensors are key too, as, in the early game, players won't have collected their loadouts yet, acquiring the Ghost perk. Anything in which you can use to identify nearby enemies comes in clutch in 200 man quads with more enemies roaming around. It's also likely that players will be returning from the Gulag much more frequently, and these enemy detecting devices work well in identifying them and their nearby teammates. Furthermore, do not underestimate Recon Drones from the start. Often overlooked, these devices will even locate enemies lurking in buildings.

Warzone Battle Image 16jpg2

#4 - Resist the urge & stay with your squad

It's easy to get excited with so many people to kill. Bloodlust players often hit up crazy flanks and stray from the squad to wipe the squad. This is great if you're able to quickly dip back to your squads, however, in 200-man quads, it's likely somebody is on their way to third party you. Even if you get your team wipe on the first set of players, this mode is like Der Reise, with waves of enemies surging on your location. You're an easy target if you hit up a flank and this will lead your squad to be outnumbered when holding down their position. Game of Thrones fans will realise that "When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives".

This rounds up our Warzone tips for 200-man squads. More enemies mean for fights, simply gear up quickly and stay frosty.

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