Call of Duty: Warzone is a complex battle royale but there are some beginner tips to help simplify things.

18:00, 17 Jul 2020

Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the biggest gaming titles on the market and it’s growing exponentially. Activision’s strategy of going free-to-play and enabling cross-play has paid dividends, as the game gets new players every day. While this is great for the community, it also means there a plethora of users who have no idea what to do in Warzone. If you’re a part of this group, don’t worry, because we have some beginner tips to help get you that elusive first victory in the Call of Duty battle royale. 

Warzone Tips And Tricks

Though there are hundreds of small, useful tips to apply to your game in Warzone, we’ll more so be going over some bigger tips. These are strategies you can use easily to get ahead and move the learning process along much faster. That said, let’s get into the first, major tip for beginners in Warzone

Perhaps the biggest aspect of any battle royale (and these Warzone tips and tricks) is the gun you choose to equip. After all, it’s how you stay alive, eliminate enemies, and eventually win the game. Picking the correct weapon for you and your playstyle is critical in order to make things more feasible for yourself. Within Warzone, there are dozens of weapons to choose from when you first land. Whether you find a common LMG on the ground and or rare SMG in a crate, any early game weapon is going to yield similar results. What you ultimately want to work for is purchasing a custom loadout.

Costing $10,000 at any Buy Station, custom loadouts help out tremendously in Warzone. Buying one of these allows you to pick from any of your ten, pre-made classes. Currently, most players like to equip a Grau 5.56 or FAL assault rifle or go with an MP5 or MP7 submachine gun. If you’re a sniper, then the AX-50 or new Rytec AMR could be the way to go. The one thing you want to keep in mind when purchasing a loadout is your playstyle and how the weapon you choose complements that. This is important seeing as it takes some time to acquire $10,000.

Warzone Tips And Tricks

Speaking of money, another tip you want to heed is managing your money wisely. Most of the community either save up for a custom loadout at $10,000 or a self-revive kit at $4,500. Both of these items are vital to your success in Warzone, however, they do cost a solid chunk of change. An alternative route you can take is spending your money on lower-priced items like killstreaks or armour plates. Since you don’t keep your cash if you die and get sent to the Gulag, some players end up spending the money they first find looting and grab some early game advantages.

Moving away from the gameplay aspect of things, one huge thing to bear in mind while playing is trying to familiarize yourself with the map. Verdansk is a huge area to navigate and even veteran players don’t know every little nook and cranny. However, it’s imperative to know where every hiding spot and line of sight is so you can look out for enemies. This is one of those aspects that won’t just come naturally. Remembering where certain things are on the map takes a long time but is worth it in the end. 

Wrapping up our list of beginner Warzone tips and tricks is something related to how you actually play individual matches. Essentially, there are two ways to play: passive and aggressive. Starting out, you can choose either one of these playstyles, but each carries its own risks and rewards. Playing passive gives you a chance to understand the map and the game as a whole more. However, you also won’t get into many fights, which severely hinders your exposure to the actual gameplay of Warzone. Conversely, the opposite can be said for playing aggressively. You get into more gunfights but it’s also likely you’ll die more often, giving you less of a chance to play out matches. 

Warzone Tips And Tricks

One thing you can do to get the best of both worlds is mix and match these two playstyles. For example, one game you can play super passively by landing in a safe spot, gathering good loot, and engaging only when necessary. In the next game, you can land in a hot spot, like the Verdansk Airport, and get some great exposure to the gunplay and fast-paced action of Warzone

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